I want to act in the pure makeup job feature (Figure) s sun shine makeup ifeng.com entertainment news early in the morning of November 5th, the big s rare facial makeup in close-up, she said: "there is also a good point." Previously, she micro Bo said "I want to play! I know I’m not Blablabla…… I am a mother, but I would like to show the nature of me, the performance of ordinary real story. In order to dream, I can’t wait to show my true colors! I think it’s the best actress." S the sun shine makeup although not like the usual makeup that kind of beauty, but the skin white, looks very beautiful. And she also interact with users in the comments area, the question of friends, so late also sent micro-blog?" She also replied "naughty". Someone said "obsessive-compulsive disorder I want to put you on the nose of the black out", she replied "that is the mole." no airs. However, it was also noted that the goddess neck?"相关的主题文章: