The two scholars explore the inheritance and protection of intangible cultural heritage – International – Pretoria in September 9, South Africa launched "Chinese Heritage Month" (Zhang Jiexian) South Africa "Chinese Heritage Month" 8 in Pretoria. A number of exhibitions, talks and seminars on China’s intangible cultural heritage will be held in South africa. This month, 24, from China’s Performing Arts Troupe will also perform in the South African heritage day Carnival parade. The launching ceremony was held at the Cara Institute for traditional studies in Pretoria. Chinese Ministry of culture Intangible Cultural Heritage Department deputy director of the delegation to participate in the "South Ma Shengde Chinese Heritage Month" activities. The delegation members include Taishan shadow heritage Fan Zhengan, Chaozhou woodcarving representative inheritors Gu Liu Xi, and the study of Confucianism, Confucius thought the famous scholar Yan Binggang, Zhang Hua. Charge d’affaires China Embassy in South Africa Li Song said at the launching ceremony, as the birthplace of the ancient civilization, China and Africa in culture and tradition enjoys a lot in common — we all cherish the social attributes of human beings, believe that the unity and strength of multi element and different culture of respect, esteem the principle of mutual respect and harmony, and the pursuit of peace, stability and prosperity. The cultural exchanges between China and Africa enjoy an important position in China Africa relations. With the deepening of China Africa relations, China Africa cultural exchanges will be increasingly vigorous development." He said. The South African Department of international relations department director of the Academy of Arts of traditional research director Gelaihan Cara and Mo mining card are invariably said South Africa long-standing friendly relations, is looking forward to the scholars of the two countries, people communicate in the "China Heritage Month" activities. "There are a lot of differences between Chinese and African cultures. It is a major theme of Heritage Month to close the distance through dialogue, to understand each other’s national culture and ideology, the way of life and expression of the people." Ma Shengde said. On the same day, the Sino African ideological dialogue and South Africa heritage seminar held at the Cara Institute for traditional studies. Experts and scholars from the field of culture between China and South Africa is Confucius thought, contemporary Confucianism, African heritage and indigenous knowledge, Ukraine and other native African traditional thought, the protection of intangible cultural heritage theme for the dialogue and communication. Share to: (commissioning editor: Qin Boya, Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: