Health Some people find it very difficult to gain weight due to a fast metabolism and ge.ics. For those of us who have extreme difficulty gaining weight, the search for the best diet and exercise to gain weight and add muscle seems endless. The search for a magical product that will give you instant results can lead to frustration and hopelessness. If it were easy to gain weight and build muscle, everyone would have it. Time and effort are necessary if you want to change your body. If you are among the millions who relentlessly search for the way to fast weight gain, here are a few tips that can help you succeed in reaching your goals. Muscle building is a process that consists of diet, weight training, and determination. Your diet must include the proper nutrients and protein to give your body the energy it needs to add muscle. Consuming the right food is an important part of gaining weight and muscle. Protein, carbs, and the right kinds of fats are needed in larger amounts than usual in order to give your body the fuel it needs to add muscle. Eating several small meals per day rather than three large meals may be helpful in keeping your energy level high and provide your body with the resources needed to build muscle. You will need to increase the amount of food you eat each day and make certain your meals consist of foods that are high calorie and high protein. You must eat consistently and never skip meals. Instead of eating the foods you normally eat, you must increase the amount or fats, protein, and carbohydrates in your diet. Eating six small meals a day instead of three large meals may be helpful as will skipping snacks and sweets in favor of high protein, higher calorie foods. Weight training is the best exercise to build muscle. A workout routine including the use of free weights will help increase your muscle mass and give you the body you’ve always dreamed of. Weight training with free weights including bench presses, dumbbells, squats, and pull ups, which increase the stress your muscles are subjected to, and by gradually increasing the amount of weight, your muscles will respond by adding mass. Working out with weights several times a week will stimulate your muscles and the extra food you are eating will give your body the energy it requires to add muscle tissue. Resting in between workouts is crucial to adding muscle and gaining weight. Your body needs rest after weight training in order to build muscle. Too much weight training can actually lead to loss of muscle mass, so don’t neglect the need for rest. Even those who have extreme difficulty gaining weight can succeed if they are determined and willing to put in the effort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: