Tibet vegetables can not become a history! The army can not eat fresh vegetables Tibet vegetables have become the original title of history: Tibet can not grow vegetables have become history! Above 3000 meters above sea level to eat fresh vegetables Tibet species not vegetables? That is history. In October 12th, more than 4900 meters above sea level Takexun outpost four sergeant Wang Yuanjun’s wife Liu Tingting to visit the troops, not as in the past with a lot of fruits and vegetables to the outpost on the "green meat" for the soldiers, but the two shoulders carrying a mouth on the post. This change, thanks to the head of the Military Commission and organs, army officers to solve the problem in the altitude of 3000 meters above the army officers and soldiers to eat fresh vegetables. You don’t believe it. From October 12th to 13, the relevant departments of the state, the Central Military Commission, the military services, the army authorities, border and coastal defense forces, the "Three North" (northeast, North and northwest area) the provincial military units, security departments above the garrison group responsible person, more than 120 representatives of Tibet Armed Police Corps leaders and several logistics institutions in Lhasa, attended by Military Logistics Department of Tibet military region, sponsored by the host of "army troops stationed in the plateau" food basket "project construction and engineering results of field observation activities", witnessed the Tibet military region for many years, try to create a set of intellectual research "green miracle". In the past, eat fresh vegetables has been the dream of Tibet soldiers. Over the years, the Tibet military region focus "to keep healthy is to keep fighting" demand, increasing the plateau farming and sideline exploration efforts. Nagqu permafrost zones of stations at an altitude of 4500 meters, 2 meters deep, not the kind of melon, vegetables not long seedling. The face can not be improved by using artificial permafrost, they fill soil, reconstruction of local natural environment, 3 years more than 6000 cubic meters of soil replacement, construction of greenhouse 23, now the northern Tibetan Plateau annual fruit fragrance. According to the actual frontline company and post arable land, a generation of military personnel for a period of three years, over eating dried vegetables, dehydrated vegetables, canned food, "three" (Chinese cabbage, radish, seaweed) history, and promote the development of the new technology of aerosol cultivation, cultivation, seedling cultivation, matrix material more than 20 things. According to the characteristics of Tibet, promote the development of civil military integration, has agreed to 3 agricultural cooperation agreement with Tibet agriculture and animal husbandry department, establish information, agricultural services and green food certification 5 working mechanism. Vigorously carry out the "agricultural science and technology into the camp activities, the establishment of cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Lhasa ecological station 6 research institutes, local enterprises and other units, jointly developed highland yak meat compression rations, canned meat, yak yak milk, salt and other special foods of Rhodiola highland troops. At the same time, the plateau agricultural and sideline production blank field, they increase innovation, build the "base + Forces" network development model, has built a new agricultural technology experimental training base more than and 170 acres, the introduction of reservoir space, white pepper and more than 60 kinds of varieties to adapt to the plateau; vigorously carry out the "soilless culture into the border" will, hydroponics and potted plants, Pei 3 new technology extends to the first class post. At an elevation of 4500 meters from the tin, Nathu La post soldiers old washbasin made of "mini" vegetable, post photo相关的主题文章: