Tianjin "pen" or vice article had let the Commission used as special news – Sohu       | wrote today reshuffling of tall buildings in Tianjin: Baodi party secretary Chen Zhemin any Municipal Committee, among the provincial and ministerial level; the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Minister Wang Hesheng will no longer serve as Municipal Standing committee member, and another appointment. Chen Zhemin Chen Zhemin is Zhejiang Wencheng County of Wenzhou, was born in 1961, in the early years of East China Polytechnic School and work (process). 1989 north to the Tianjin municipal Party school to teach, from ordinary teachers to do vice president. By the end of 1999, he served as the Tianjin municipal Party committee propaganda department vice minister, working is 15 years. From December 2014 to January 2015, Tianjin experienced a big adjustment to county leaders, 16 districts and counties to adjust the 13 the 18 party and government leaders positions, Chen Zhemin is now transferred to Baodi party secretary. Although Chen Zhemin is the science of chemistry, but went to the Central Party school for construction of professional theories and the party’s party in 1986 to 1988. In 80s, the master, the gold content is very high, but he did not like many cadres as PhD job, which shows the confidence. During the Tianjin municipal Party school work, he took only 3 years promoted from associate professor to Professor, the editor of the "city street party building", "village autonomy theory and practice" two books, won the national "five project" book award. Chang’an Avenue Governor Chen Zhemin search found that at least four times in the "seeking truth" magazine published an article, "Why are exercised in accordance with the law to establish and perfect the restriction mechanism and supervision mechanism?" (2001 twenty-fourth), "leading cadres should take the lead in the party spirit" (2013 sixteenth), "clear haze is bad style" political ecology water Xiushan clear (eighth in 2015) and "give full play to the party overall coordination role as the core of leadership" (2016 fourth, author). As the Central Committee of the Communist Party organ, the authority of the "seeking truth" is self-evident, the contents of statistics, the party and state leaders in about 5% of the total, leading cadres at provincial level or above article accounted for more than 40% of the total. Provincial and ministerial level cadres may have to drag the manuscript in order to send two or three, some deputy provincial and ministerial level cadres may have to wait for the first half of the manuscript. At that time, as the deputy bureau, the bureau level cadres, Chen Zhemin can repeatedly press, the quality is the first secret. In May 17th this year, Chen Zhemin in the "people’s Daily" published "a person is not honest family circle", stressed that leading cadres should pay attention to the construction of family traditions. This paper specially writes the Ming Dynasty Baodi county magistrate Yuan Huang, he is diligent, was praised as "two hundred years is not a good officer". Yuan Huanglao came, but the pet without drowning. Write down the widespread and profound influence of the four training is where the "son" to serve the country, warned the Shangsi grace, ideological building blessing, thinking outside the economic person anxious, thinking of the evil has been idle". This article is quite big, CCDI supervision website the latest issue of "China tradition" rule, is to "the four training where" for the project. Although the experts in the area of Party building, but the person is not Zhemin Chen high cold, etc.相关的主题文章: