Through the West – from Seattle to Losangeles – tourism Sohu 1 of the original plan a Balkan trip, because no previous multiple visa to Schengen, and no arrangements for Schengen state during the journey and had to apply for a visa in Croatia will be more than a visa for the United States to run, and the Balkan states between the round-trip travel convenience, not once think of this as a strange combination of circumstances has led to the first, the trip to the United States, they gradually writing the country nearly fifty, but did not reach the United States, it is ashamed for the western United States, was more due to the western film description, desolate grassland and Gobi, horse riding wild Cowboys evil of course, such a situation, a few decades ago became history. Another one with relevant western movies, but not Hollywood drama, the goddess Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo cooperation "Beijing in Seattle", with the image of the understanding to the west, near the west of Canada is this appearance, there are also modern, romantic. The West for about nine days, almost across the western North and south, along the coast road car from Seattle to Losangeles, along the way in the city of San Francisco and Las Vegas in the choice of the foot, as time is limited, had first arrived in American tourists, this is quite satisfactory, but never more around some road go to Huangshi and other national parks, is still not a small regret, but now the United States visa has all open to ten years, only need to pay a fee can be activated, free travel, do not believe that how much time will come to the west again, will be a regret after the complete completion, down 66 highway throughout the United States, the east coast scenery panoramic view. 2 the journey of the United States from Seattle Delta Airlines, Beijing DL128 flight 129, in the United States, the flight will be in Seattle after a brief stopover to complete the voyage to Losangeles. Whether it is time to take off or landing, are very appropriate, do not need to consider the problem of accommodation. Seattle is the most important city in the northwest, is richly endowed by nature geographical conditions, northern cold weather, fish grow more slowly, so there are more delicious meat, all kinds of seafood from Alaska, Seattle is not to be missed connoisseurs table delicacies. In San Francisco and at the same time, it has a lower cost of living, so many large enterprises choose here as the cause of the base, Boeing, Microsoft chose Seattle as the headquarters, stores the global distribution of Starbucks also from the city, the first Starbucks coffee shop located in the school g market. Still in business. Market for Seattle has a more important significance, early in Seattle is so far from the downtown, and other similar early city, people tend to live closer to the beach area to choose, as a trading seafood market, the market came into being, one of the earliest and most famous, is today pike market. Traffic is not convenient for a hundred years ago, people can not be hard to walk a few thousand miles every day to come here to purchase the necessary food, simply do not do.相关的主题文章: