Grasp of the three aspects of short-term breakthrough opportunity "red week" special author: China securities market continues to slump in Zhang Bo in September, second to 3100 after a breakthrough runs down the choice direction, long after the market has started, this week’s turmoil intensified, the B-share index Monday following adjustment, Tuesday Yin Yang package, seems to allow participants to see hope then, the shock in the vicinity of the line, come to a standstill. No sustained hot spots, the recent downturn in turnover has become the norm. Last year, rose fell easily get heart disease, this year does not rise or fall prone to depression". Although it is a joke, but also reflects the current participants mentality. Comprehensive analysis, I think the market has a counter attack opportunity, the index has entered the year’s most important time window, if can break up, stand on the 3100 point, the release of the upside, short-term operation opportunity. The market environment of analogy can be compared to the same period last year first three quarter economic data disclosure, in line with expectations, the economy showed signs of gradually stabilized, there are still uncertainties, but the trend is expected to enter the second half of L. Followed by the central bank to maintain a neutral monetary attitude, liquidity was horizontal, no inflection point. Finally, the Fed rate hike in December is expected to be strengthened, the global risk appetite decreased, the dollar appreciation. The overall look at present and in the fourth quarter of last year the same news on the surface will not exceed the expected good and bad policies, the market environment is relatively stable, but due to the Fed rate hike gradually forced to launch the short-term market time only in early October to 11 months, copy the trend of last year. First of all, from the technical aspects of the analysis of the important time window open, the index is facing key point breakthrough. Technical analysis focuses on: time and space, volume dimension. From the weekly index level, index peaked in June 12th last year during the week, despite repeated but finally bottomed out at the end of January this year, the overall operation of 35 weeks. The index has been slowly upward, the center of gravity, from a technical point of view is the repair period after the fall, the first week of October to just run for 35 weeks, from falling and finishing in last week reached consistent resonance point appears, and the weekly level, meaning different from daily, more worth attention. At the same time next week is bottoming out running for 37 weeks, and this is an important point of interim prime sequence. So the author thinks that the weekly time window has opened an important index, at the latest by the end of next week must choose the direction, cannot miss this year last time window. Secondly, talk about space, in addition to seeing a bit of pressure in line 3086 points, in fact, from the weekly 60 week EMA also look down to 3097 points, namely 3086~3097 above to 10 points of the interval gathered in the two important pressure, pessimists think in the present volume can not break through the region. No amount of market is indeed true, but to seize the meaning of the breakthrough and effectiveness of the two aspects of breakthrough. I think it is time to play space to fix the first time window with the index pulled up 3100 points, so as to release to space, from the view of the distribution of chips, 3100 points above the 3300~3400 point is a dense area of chips. That is to say there are at least 200 points after the start of the market space, not a small level;相关的主题文章: