Thousand meters deep level is the mother ship " Zhang Jian " No. had been lost to triumph earthquake – Sohu military channel page first: level meters submersible ship Zhang Jian, triumph [click the picture to the next page] "Zhang Jian". Which lasted 74 days, sailed more than 9000 nautical miles, the first ship level meters manned submersible expedition ship "Zhang Jian", completed the first phase of the sea voyage back to Shanghai. "This is Zhang Jian, first, can be said that before the voyage is well done we set goals to the operating system of the whole ship was tested. Zhang Jian, has withstood the test, let us also found some problems during the voyage." A professor at the Shanghai Ocean University, before the "dragon" first deputy chief designer, now Shanghai rainbow fish marine Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as "rainbow fish," September 23rd) chief designer Cui Weicheng told the surging news interview, said, "come back immediately after the debugging, in preparation for the unmanned submersible level meters test at the end of December this year." Love of the ocean depths based on technology, and hope to complete the challenge of human dream as soon as possible to limit the ocean depths, Cui Weicheng in "dragon" after work, found his brother Wu Xin, hoping to get his help. The ultimate goal of the human being is not to do business, mainly to have a great dream. He needs some help to do this project. The dragon is the national project. This time, we hope that this can take the road of innovation, so that private investment." Rainbow fish company chairman Wu Xin in an interview with surging news () interview. Funded by scientists, entrepreneurs, rainbow fish in the field of exploration in the field of 10000 meters out of their own model. "Zhang Jian" is the first ship entirely by private enterprises funded by the ocean expedition ship. In July 12th this year, the ship of the Shanghai port terminal, the first leg from Shanghai to the South China Sea China, conducted a 5 day expedition test equipment of shallow water in the waters of the Paracel Islands, arrived in Shenzhen on July 23rd. The second leg set out from Shenzhen on July 24th, all the way south across the equator, the Rabaul port of entry of Papua New Guinea waters. In addition to the ocean voyage expedition ship test and inspection equipment reliability, ability to carry out a comprehensive study of the abyss, "Zhang Jian mineral company" and Papua New Guinea, the two gold mine near the sea in the local development of marine environment investigation, and tested a number of deep-sea equipment more than 8000 meters of New Britain trench in depth. "Our main goal is in the 10000 meters unmanned submersible towards the end of the year, the ship has a submersible in the test, the operation in the 5 km submarine. Samples of marine organisms will then be sent to the Shanghai Ocean University Laboratory for data editing. This is our intention to establish an experimental platform for ocean abyss flow." Wu Xin told the surging news. According to Wu Xin introduced by the end of this year, if no one million meters submersible successfully completed sea trials, to 2019, the company can complete million M manned submersible research work.相关的主题文章: