Reference-and-Education Nguyen Binh was born in 1918 with his real name is Nguyen Trong Binh at the neighborhood station, Bay Village Shan, Dong Team (now the Social Republic), Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province). According to documents in the Hanoi Writers Association announced on his biography: his childhood he can not study in school but learned his father was at home with little red Dao Nguyen Binh and also is the boy Bui Trinh Khiem intestine tutoring. He was orphaned early mother, step father to family financial difficulties, so the age of 10 he had to follow protocol in the bowel is Nguyen Manh Ha Noi lives. This time he was teaching at his home. By age 13 he began writing poetry in 1937 and the pitcher is poetry prizes in the poetry of Tu Luc Van union groups with my poetry soul. Hanoi is the first that came to Nguyen Binh leaving the village to take steps Wanderer. However, he lived in Hanoi is not so much. Because he always moved through many different locations. As from 1936 to 1945 is almost ten years, but maybe a total of his time in Hanoi now only a few years. But it is the most important time to step into his literary career. One thing is for sure only when leaves for the East of Hanoi, around 1935 or 1936, Nguyen Binh new to writing poetry in a professional manner. In Hanoi, at first he was friends with hearts, Tran Huyen Tran, forming a group of young poet, the neighborhood friends named the poet shirt willow stem cells. Later, he played more with Hoai Vu Hoang Chuong … It is the prominent writers in the village office. What other literary friends, the newspapers much, Hanoi, provincial there. Through a number of documents to back, it seems that the poems of Nguyen Binh village were written over a period of living in Hanoi. Around 1935 or 1936, along with roads, arriving in Hanoi, he began writing poems about the countryside. Nguyen Binh wrote poems about the countryside is true but equally destroy skin, deep. Then again a topic that readers of newspapers, which are mostly urban, while still very interested in reading. On the other hand, a person born in the village, grew up in rural villages, urban life is too strange, it took the subject to .pose the village would be more advantageous than other subjects. Poems such as Spring, Foot home, her heart, time ago … were born in such circumstances. The first years of the 1940s, he rose to fame with the heavy amount of poetry, poetry the pitcher is very rich, diverse and mostly love poems. He has repeatedly wandering into the South. This time he changed his name is Nguyen Binh theory. In 1943, he went to the South was met Tuesday and Dong Ho, Kien Giang. At home he lived in Kien Giang. That’s when he wrote the poems: Operation Southern, Give Kien Giang, which on this … So he called the "poet Wanderer". In 1947, Nguyen Binh join the resistance against the French in the South. By 1954, when the Geneva Accords divided the country, he gathered the North in 1955 and arranged for the Hanoi Writers Association at a time. In 1956, he was assigned the task of the editors of Hundred Flowers (originally in the Office of the material) and join the movement Humanities – Age products. In 1958, he was forced to move to Nam Dinh province, working in Nam Dinh Ty culture until her death. He died the morning January 20, 1966, ie on 29 December lunar spring Yi Ti, at a friend’s house in Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam. When a wife is not the blood that his presence. He was posthumously awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize for Literature and Art in 2000 During 30 years, Nguyen Binh has .posed many genres such as poetry, plays, stories, poetry … He is very strong .position, written very well and lived all his poetic career. Tho Nguyen Binh has left in the hearts of readers the impression, the popular belief is hard to describe in words. He is widely recognized by readers as one of the best poets of modern poetry Vietnam About the Author: 相关的主题文章: