This year, Hebei must implement 11 measures to solve the problem of "Huimin" and solve the problem of publicity in the provincial organs’ work style. Hebei provincial units reflect a lot of outstanding problems for the masses. We choose 11 Huimin practical, key tasks should be completed by 2016, as the credit supervision, the deadline to resolve, and be publicized. 1, implement the "two line integration" of the minimum guarantee line and the poverty alleviation line to solve the problem of Hebei’s rural minimum living standard and the poverty alleviation standard, and the lowest guarantee line is lower than the poverty alleviation line, so as to continuously improve the rural minimum living standard. By the end of 2016, the province’s rural minimum living standard average reached 2900 yuan, the county (city, district) rural residents average compensation standards shall not be less than 150 yuan, and gradually realize the rural minimum living standard and increase poverty alleviation standard. At the same time, the township (street) 100% set up a "social acceptance" platform for the social assistance. If the masses are in trouble, life is suddenly in trouble, and they can directly turn to the township social assistance application window. Responsible department: Provincial Civil Affairs Department 2, implement the full coverage of e-commerce in rural areas, and promote the rural e-commerce to achieve initial success in solving the difficulties of rural consumption, entrepreneurship and income growth, poverty alleviation and development, and constantly improving the quality of life and income level of farmers. By the end of 2016, in the whole province, the county wide e-commerce system has been basically covered, the two-way circulation channels of rural e-commerce have been fully covered, and the application of e-business in administrative villages has been fully covered. The responsible departments: Department of Commerce 3, open up financial poverty alleviation Easy Access in the province to implement the initiative of the government set up the stage, the bank reduced interest rates, loans, household enterprises sill guarantee loans for poverty alleviation mode to reveal all the details of insurance. The three level financial service network in county and country is set up to allow the poor people to enjoy the fast and low cost financial services. The willingness to lend and have the ability of production and management, in accordance with the conditions of the poor households filing riser, can apply for 50 thousand yuan within 3 years of poverty alleviation microfinance, free warranty, free of charge; to the main business driven by poor households development of family farms, farmers’ cooperatives and other markets, can apply for loans to industrial development, according to the number and income the situation of the poor, to obtain differentiated financial support. The responsible department: provincial finance office, 4 funded students from poor families filing cards work of well funded students participatory poverty families, formulated relevant policies, contents and procedures, timely clear funding conditions; the basic situation of participatory poverty students to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic and statistical procedures, by the "two committees" of the village cadres, the village first secretary according to the relevant provisions of the specific organization and implementation of participatory poverty identification work, public publicity results, accurate statistics of school-age children; by the end of 2016, in the province of public high school, secondary school, occupation college (excluding the independent college) school, has a full-time academic education enrollment officially registered in our province, participatory poverty students all enjoy free tuition, accommodation fees, provide free textbooks policy Support。 The responsible department: Provincial Department of education, 5 migrant workers solve the problem of their children’s education migrant workers Suiqian children compulsory education into the urban development planning and the scope of financial security, to adapt to the reform of the household registration system, the implementation of the residence permit for the fundamental basis for the children of migrant workers enrollment policy, simplify the optimization of the admissions process and proof requirements; in public schools for migrant workers Suiqian children’s schooling for public schools, insufficient degree can be purchased by way of government services arrangements at inclusive private schools; further reiterated that public schools and private schools are not allowed to children of migrant workers to collect any fees from local household registration students. Responsible department: Provincial Education Department 6, support college graduates entrepreneurship, further improve the employment and entrepreneurship policy system of college graduates, and stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm of college graduates. One is the social insurance subsidy, graduated first entrepreneurial college graduates in 5 years, can apply for no more than 3 years of social insurance subsidies; two is a one-time start-up subsidies, stable business 6 months of graduates, can enjoy 5000 yuan per person one-time start-up subsidies; three is the loan support, college graduates engaged in self-employed, the network business or start Small and micro businesses, entrepreneurs can enjoy business loans and discount 100 thousand yuan, the highest partnership venture total of not more than 400 thousand yuan; four is the training support for college graduates to enroll in the training class, according to the actual training, each skill training subsidy of up to 2200 yuan. Responsibility department: provincial hall 7, to realize the direct settlement of medical direct settlement in the province. By the end of 2016, the urban area in the province of remote medical outpatient pharmacy designated medical institutions, medical treatment, social security card to purchase direct settlement, to achieve health care workers in the province of remote medical immediate settlement. Responsible department: 8, promote the approval of investment projects online, further improve the function of online approval and supervision platform of Hebei investment projects, and provide convenient and high-quality services for project units. The applicant can consult the process and relevant policies and regulations by means of online consultation, telephone consultation, SMS notification and on-site inquiry. Make full use of the online examination and approval platform for investment projects and carry out the joint approval of various departments. The project units only need to fill in the network. Before the end of 2016, we should strive to realize the approval of investment projects online, online management, and feedback on the Internet. The responsible department: Provincial Development and Reform Commission 9, the implementation of the "multi card one, according to a code to effectively solve the market the main department for license inconvenient, the implementation of business license, tax registration certificate, quality supervision departments of the organization code certificate of" three in one ", the statistics registration certificate, seal engraving filing, social insurance registration certificate included in the" one card ". They should apply to different departments such as industry and commerce, quality supervision, state tax, land tax, statistics, people’s club and other departments respectively, instead of directly applying to business and market supervision departments for business licenses with unified social credit code. Before the end of 2016, the "multi certificate, one code, one code" was realized, and the formalities of market access were simplified to the maximum. The responsible department: Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau 10, to strengthen the food workshops, small food stalls, the comprehensive supervision on the basis of "Hebei province food workshops small catering stalls management regulations", the formulation and implementation of "three supporting management measures". Clear the subject of supervision and the authority of the duties. The real name registration management of small workshops, small restaurants, a registration card management of small stalls, clear business name, business projects, such as regional information; the establishment of a "blacklist" system was included in the "blacklist" of the "three small" operator was not up to standards, three years can not be engaged in food production and operation the gate of the kindergarten, school activities; strictly prohibited within one hundred meters of small stalls around the campus food business, purifying environment. The responsible department: Provincial Food and Drug Administration 11, vigorously carry out the implementation of cultural Huimin village comprehensive cultural service center demonstration projects in poor areas, by the end of 2016 in 450 poor villages in the province, built "ten" as the standard of the national comprehensive cultural service center. To carry out cultural Huimin performances throughout the year, organize provincial art troupes condolences to the countryside for more than 900 performances, organizing the children’s drama, folk music into the campus show the 100 field. The organization of volunteer service, peasant painting and calligraphy exhibition, beautiful Hebei photography exhibition, cultural Huimin activities Huimin bookstore. The whole year completed the work of 4706 beautiful rural cultural walls, organized a rural film projection project, and completed more than 580 thousand films in rural areas throughout the year. Department of responsibility: Propaganda Department of provincial Party committee (Hebei daily)

河北今年必须落实11件惠民实事 限期解决予以公示   在省级机关作风整顿中,河北省直各单位针对群众反映比较强烈的突出问题,列出了一大批群众看得见、摸得着的实事抓紧解决。现选择11件惠民实事,作为2016年必须完成的重点任务,挂账督办,限期解决,并予以公示。   1、实行低保线与扶贫线“两线合一”   解决河北省农村低保标准与扶贫标准不一致、低保线低于扶贫线的问题,持续提高农村最低生活保障标准。2016年底前,全省农村平均低保标准达到2900元 年,各县(市、区)农村低保平均补差标准不得低于150元 月,逐步实现农村低保标准与扶贫标准同步提高。同时,全省乡镇(街道)100%设立社会救助“一门受理”平台,群众如遇变故,生活突然陷入困境,可向乡镇(街道)社会救助申请受理窗口直接求助。   责任部门:省民政厅   2、实施农村电子商务全覆盖   推动农村电子商务在解决农村买难卖难、创业增收、扶贫开发等方面取得初步成效,不断提高农民生活质量和收入水平。到2016年底,在全省基本实现县域农村电子商务体系全覆盖、农村电子商务双向流通渠道全覆盖、行政村电子商务应用全覆盖。   责任部门:省商务厅   3、打通金融扶贫绿色通道   在全省推行政府主动搭台、银行降槛降息、企业农户承贷、保险兜底保证的扶贫贷款模式。建立县乡村三级金融服务网络,让贫困群众享受到方便快捷、成本低的金融服务。对有贷款意愿且有生产经营能力,符合条件的建档立卡贫困户,可申请获得5万元以下3年以内扶贫小额信贷,免担保、免抵押;对带动贫困户发展的家庭农场、农民合作社等市场经营主体,可以申请产业发展贷款,根据带动贫困人口的数量和增收情况,获得差别化的金融支持。   责任部门:省金融办   4、资助建档立卡贫困家庭学生   做好建档立卡贫困家庭学生资助工作,制定出台相关政策,明确资助条件、内容及程序;及时对全省建档立卡贫困家庭学生基本情况进行全面摸底、统计,由村“两委”干部、驻村第一书记根据有关规定程序,具体组织实施建档立卡贫困家庭识别工作,对结果进行公开公示,精准统计适龄学生;2016年底前,在省内公办普通高中、中等职业学校、普通高校(不含独立学院)就读的,具有全日制学历教育正式注册学籍的我省建档立卡贫困家庭学生,全部享受免学费、免住宿费、免费提供教科书的政策资助。   责任部门:省教育厅   5、解决进城务工人员随迁子女入学问题   将进城务工人员随迁子女义务教育纳入城镇发展规划和财政保障范围,适应户籍制度改革要求,实施以居住证为基本依据的进城务工人员随迁子女入学政策,简化优化入学流程和证明要求;以公办学校为主安排进城务工人员随迁子女就学,对于公办学校学位不足的可通过政府购买服务的方式安排在普惠性民办学校就读;进一步重申公办学校和民办学校都不得向进城务工人员随迁子女收取有别于本地户籍学生的任何费用。   责任部门:省教育厅   6、扶持高校毕业生创业   进一步完善高校毕业生就业创业政策体系,激发高校毕业生创业热情。一是社会保险补贴支持,毕业5年内的高校毕业生初次创业,可申请不超过3年的社会保险补贴;二是一次性创业补助,稳定创业6个月的毕业生,可享受每人5000元的一次性创业补贴;三是贷款扶持,高校毕业生从事个体经营、网络创业或创办小微企业的,个人创业可享受最高10万元、合伙创业总额度不超过40万元的创业担保贷款及贴息;四是培训支持,高校毕业生报名参加技能培训,按实际培训课时,每人技能培训补贴额最高2200元。   责任部门:省人社厅   7、实现省内异地就医直接结算   全面推进省内异地就医直接结算。到2016年底,实现在全省市区内异地就医定点医疗机构门诊、药店持社会保障卡就医、购药直接结算,实现职工医保省内异地就医直接结算。   责任部门:省人社厅   8、推动投资项目审批事项网上办理   进一步完善河北省投资项目在线审批监管平台功能,为项目单位提供便捷、优质服务。申请人可通过在线咨询、电话咨询、短信通知及现场查询等方式,咨询办理流程及相关政策法规。充分利用投资项目在线审批平台,推行各部门联合审批,项目单位只需在网上填报即可。2016年底前,力争实现投资项目审批网上受理、网上办理、网上反馈。   责任部门:省发改委   9、实施“多证合一、一照一码”   有效解决市场主体多部门办理证照不便的问题,实施工商营业执照、税务登记证、质监部门组织机构代码证“三证合一”,将统计登记证、公章刻制备案、社会保险登记证等纳入“多证合一”范围。将原来须到工商、质监、国税、地税、统计、人社等多个部门分别申请不同证照,改为直接到工商和市场监管部门办理带有统一社会信用代码的营业执照。2016年底前实现“多证合一、一照一码”,最大限度简化市场准入手续。   责任部门:省工商局   10、加强对食品小作坊、小餐饮、小摊点的全面监管   依据《河北省食品小作坊小餐饮小摊点管理条例》,制定实施“三小”配套管理办法。明确监管主体和职责权限。对小作坊、小餐饮实行实名登记证管理,对小摊点实行备案卡管理,明确经营者姓名、经营项目、区域等信息;建立“黑名单”制度,因达不到相关标准被列入“黑名单”的“三小”经营者,三年内不能从事食品生产经营活动;学校、幼儿园门口一百米范围内严令禁止小摊点经营,净化校园周边食品环境。   责任部门:省食药监局   11、大力开展文化惠民   实施贫困地区村综合文化服务中心示范工程,2016年底前在全省450个贫困村,建成以“十个一”为标准的国家级综合文化服务中心。开展文化惠民演出,全年组织省直文艺院团下乡慰问演出900多场,组织儿童剧、民族音乐进校园演出各100场。组织文艺志愿服务、农民书画展、美丽河北摄影展、惠民书市等文化惠民活动。全年完成4706个美丽乡村的文化墙绘制工作,组织开展农村电影放映工程,全年完成农村电影放映58万多场。   责任部门:省委宣传部   (河北日报)相关的主题文章: