This week we will welcome the "to the" T   show Taiwan; Karen Mok wanted to do model — entertainment channel — original title: Karen Mok has long wanted to model Karen Mok in Dalian recording yesterday, "we have come to the" Karen Mok accepted an interview with reporters, character lively and cheerful accentuates, said most of the sentence is: "good ah!" She said he is a fun loving person, regardless of work or life, as long as can enjoy the fun. "This week we come" will usher in a real T big show, the program group invited well-known designers Guo Pei and supermodel Zhang Liang joined power, Karen Mok said he was looking forward to the big show: "I’m going crazy, I wear that dress, very much like myself on stage feeling, will sing I love clothes, good, look forward to." Asked about the "face of Xi Mengyao’s long legs, the other actresses including you will have pressure?" Frank Karen Mok said with a smile: "my legs are too short ah, I am also a leggy sister." Along with the legs "dominate" the entertainment circle Karen Mok revealed that her dream of becoming a model, grew up to become a singer and actor, but she is no stranger to the catwalk, she had T experience in Taiwan, this also be nothing difficult. Karen Mok said Sheenah to her "surprise" feeling, she said: "Nana Jie brother very small woman side is very gentle and very cute, but this time to do the show, see the other side of Nana is the sun is very lively, I very love her, in our group, we are very happy." She said with a smile "for future will bring her husband on the reality show" the problem, "Ka-ling, sister let in Viagra on the program, I will call her husband to attend!" (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: