Thigh! Inter winger 3 detonation 2 ball he carried the banner of the attack – the younger brother of misfiring Sohu once again return to Meazza sports stadium, Milan international no Juventus aggressive, attacking without creativity, the face of Bologna’s tight defense, the Nerazzurri have no " > gaoqingtu: Perisic fist youbengyoudiao to Qingtian happily again Meazza returned to Milan International Stadium, no Juventus aggressive, attacking without creativity, the face of Bologna’s tight defense, there is no way to the nerazzurri. A multi hole Shakespeare midfielder was off the ball, led by the visitors the first inter city break, but Perry passage with a fine to empty cut to help the team to tie the score, the hard won 1 League points, Croatia star again with excellent performance conquered the audience. Bologna is the standard "dragon road home court bug", 4 of the season 2 home court victory, away from all the negative and is defeated. However, the international Milan in their own home but failed to give Bologna a fatal blow. Although the home court game, inter 2-1 comeback the overlord Juventus, but the campaign came Meazza against Bologna, although the Nerazzurri dominance, wanton 22 feet but only for a goal. The hole is not necessary a Shakespeare midfielder had been broken, shame not only make 150th League appearances for Inter on behalf of Handanovic, and led the team again in the passive situation. At that moment, Perisic carried the team flag, once again let the two teams in the same starting line. Thirty-sixth minutes of the game, Candreva right foot 45 degrees to send accurate biography, Perisic left the restricted area does not control directly the bow and arrow, left presented on an astonishing empty cut, the ball like a muzzle projectile flew inside the far foot net. The dull court immediately began to boil, and De Boer finally breathed a sigh of relief. In this game, Perisic’s performance is very good, in addition to this goal, the Croatia star has many dazzling performance. Twenty-second minutes, Thornton pass, Perisic restricted area on the right of not stopping shot hit the door, the ball struck the door, almost scored. The first half of a corner, Perisic in the restricted area presented a wonderful sideways woshe shoots, but the ball was the defensive player blocked. The second half, the people of Croatia in a counterattack with the raw speed of the Bologna defender to send accurate biography, but I Karl Di follow up slower, not in the top of the ball, Perisic wasted a second pass. According to statistics, Perisic’s performance in the offensive side of the game is very active, the number of shots in the first place, the 6 attack in the door in the 2 target was blocked, the other 3 out of the door frame range. In addition, inter winger also got 2 tackles. After the game, "soccer net" in the score hit 7 of the most high score for Perisic, the site of the Croatia international performance also affirmed. Perisic last summer to 16 million euros worth of transfer from Wolfsburg to join the international Milan, came to Croatia, the rapid occupation of the main force of the people of相关的主题文章: