The woman lied to jade shop owner cheat car mortgage about 500000 cars more than 10 sold in April 9th, this newspaper published the "women’s rent nearly 40 high-end cars lost", the public Wang said, last year, he will be the six Audi A6L sedan leased to a woman surnamed Zhao, then the woman is not only a direct default fare that is played lost. After that, Mr. Wang found that the car had been mortgaged to a Guarantee Corporation. In the case, more than 10 car owners were also cheated, and nearly 40 luxury cars were rented. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the Chaoyang police, after the police work, the woman Zhao has been captured and detained by the criminal. At present, the police in Chaoyang Dongba police will recover the 11 involved in the car back to the victim. The owner of the jade shop lied about the car. Mr. Wang told reporters that he was acquainted with Zhao by his friend and promised to rent more than ten Audi cars to her at a party. "She said his family is jade business, need a few luxury cars during the window. She asked me to help buy 6 Audi A6L new cars, each of which gave me fourteen thousand yuan a month and a two year lease. She gave me three months of rent in all, and then she couldn’t get in touch with her again. The car was also mortgaged to a rental company in Hebei. " Mr. Wang said. The reporter visited and found that Yu Heng Jewellery Co., Ltd. which Zhao was located in Bo Chu Jewelry City, the door was locked, there was no one and no goods, there was only one computer. According to the security guard of the building, the store has been closed for some time. Originally, the so-called "family jade shop" is such a small Menlian, this also let many owners be startled at. The owners found the car in the rental company through the positioning system. It was found that Zhao had to mortgage the car to the Guarantee Corporation at the price of 220 thousand yuan on the day of renting a car, and then took the money away. Preliminary statistics, Zhao has rented nearly 40 high-end cars. The woman was arrested for catching up with the police. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter learned from the police that when the victims were calling the police, the police had already captured Zhao, and Zhao was arrested on suspicion of fraud. She said in a public security statement that the vehicles involved were all transferred out (mortgages). The police more visits and surveys found Zhao in Chaoyang District in the high-end car rental resale or mortgage case is 7. The police battled dozens of days, will be transferred to the vehicle mortgage recovery. Zhao said that re mortgage after car rental is a way of thinking when she was in a hurry, because at that time her business capital was not working, she thought of leasing dozens of high-end cars from several leasing companies, transferring them to others, and trying to get some money as a turnover. But after that, it was found that the funds were still unable to turn around, but only to play the missing. According to the police, it is difficult to determine the location of the vehicle because of the multiple mortgage of the vehicle. Therefore, in the case of Criminal Investigation Detachment and Dongba police set up a task force, to carry out more detailed search work. After preliminary screening, investigators found that 11 suspects car has passed to Hebei, Henan secured by way of the suburbs of Beijing and other places fence. Subsequently, the police came to the above sites many times, and the related personnel and vehicles were recovered one by one. Locate the vehicle owner brought the car last week in the Dongba police front yard, 11 cars in the high-end car neatly parked in the parking place. Took the car keys from the hands of the police arrived at the scene, the owner of Mr. Feng and his colleagues was relieved, and thanks to the police, and send a banner to the police. Mr. Feng said that, with this experience, the customers who face the car rental will pay more attention, no longer trust, and express gratitude to the police. According to the police, Zhao is not only in Mr. Feng’s car rental mortgage, but also from a number of companies. In addition to 7 suspected cases of fraud in Chaoyang District, Zhao has also done the same case in Haidian. The average about 500000 of these cars can be mortgaged about 200000, but each car is only mortgaged over 10 million yuan. Zhang Jingya, the Chief Photographer of the Beijing morning news reporter on the spot, Wu Ning

女子谎称玉店老板骗车抵押 50多万的车10余万出手   在4月9日,本报刊登了《女子租近40辆高档车失联》,市民王先生称,去年,他将六辆奥迪A6L轿车租给了一名姓赵的女子,可该女子随后不仅一直拖欠车费,更是玩起了失联。此后,王先生发现车子已经被抵押给了一家担保公司。此案中,十多名车主也上当受骗,被租走的高档轿车有近40辆。昨天,北京晨报记者从朝阳警方获悉,经过警方工作,女子赵某已经被抓获并被刑事拘留。目前,朝阳警方在东坝派出所将追回的11辆涉案汽车发还给事主。   谎称玉店老板骗车   事主王先生告诉记者,通过朋友介绍认识赵某,并在一次聚会中答应将十余辆奥迪车租给她。“她说自己家族是做玉器生意的,需要几辆豪车壮壮门面。她让我帮着代买6辆奥迪A6L新车,每辆车每个月给我一万四千元,租期两年。她总共就给了我三个月的租金,此后就再也联系不上她了。车子也被抵押给了一家河北的租赁公司。”王先生称。   记者走访发现,赵某所开的位于波藏珠宝城内的玉恒珠宝有限公司,大门紧锁,里面没有人也没有货物,只有一台电脑。据该大厦的保安称,这家店已经关了一段时间。原来,所谓的“家族玉器店”就是这么一个小门脸,这也让很多车主大吃一惊。车主们通过定位系统,在租赁公司发现了汽车。经查发现,赵某竟然在租车的当天就把车子以22万元的价格抵押给了担保公司,然后将钱拿走。初步统计,赵某已经租了近40辆高档轿车。   女子被抓警方追车   昨天,北京晨报记者从警方了解到,事主们报警的时候,警方早已将赵某抓获,赵某因涉嫌诈骗被刑拘。她在公安机关供述时表示,涉案车辆已经被全部转出(抵押)。经警方多地走访和调查,发现赵某在朝阳区租赁中高档轿车后转卖或抵押的案子就有7起。办案民警苦战数十天,将被抵押转移的涉案车辆一一追回。赵某称,租车后再抵押是她情急之下想到的办法,因为当时自己的生意资金周转不开,就想到从多家租赁公司租赁数十辆中高档轿车,转手抵押给他人,想拿些钱作为周转。但是之后,发现资金依旧无法周转,无奈下只能玩儿起了失踪。   据警方介绍,由于车辆被多次抵押,具体车辆位置很难确定。为此,东坝派出所与刑侦支队针对此案成立专案组,开展更加细致周密的查找工作。经初步筛查,侦查员发现11辆涉案车已通过抵押的方式转至河北、河南及北京郊区等地销赃。随后,民警多次赶至上述地点,对相关人员及车辆进行逐一追缴。   寻回车辆车主领车   上周,在东坝派出所前院,11辆中高档轿车整齐地停放在停车位中。从民警手中接过车钥匙后,到达现场的车主冯先生和他的同事们这才松了一口气,不住地向民警致谢,并向办案民警送上锦旗。冯先生说,有了这次经历,以后面对租车的客户一定会多加注意,不再轻信,并对民警表达了感谢。   据警方透露,赵某不仅在冯先生的公司租车抵押,还从多家公司租车。除了在朝阳区涉嫌7起诈骗案,赵某在海淀也用同样的方式作过案。这些均价50多万的车,每辆可抵押出20多万,但每辆车仅抵押10余万元。   北京晨报现场新闻   记者 张静雅   首席摄影记者 吴宁 摄相关的主题文章: