"The wine of men and women" Pu Hexuan fatal illusion can bring love? Tencent entertainment news (text Johnson) that love their Pu Hexuan ha Seok Jin how cute the audience can not help laughing. In the 19 episode of tvN drama on fire "the wine of men and women" (director Cui Kuizhi screenwriter Xian fifth Mingxiu), see the illusion of Chen Zhengxi (He Xichen ornaments) love own Pu Hena (Pu Hexuan ornaments) the lovely image. Comprehensive class propaganda photography, Pu Hexuan face to grab their front seat Huang Zhenyi (Huangyusehui ornaments) after softhearted decided to make concessions, the tin to re adjust the seat, and stood directly behind the Pu hexuan. Min Zhenxiong (Min Zhenxiong ornaments) in the regular teacher before I heard it sigean Pu Hexuan become a comprehensive class rather than substitute reasons, that is the possibility of Hena park like tin. Portsmouth Hena have denied, but when she recalled it tin let her join the comprehensive class of words, the brain can not help but fall into a reverie. Go alone to the roof of the park in the mind of the mind is repeatedly recalled the tin’s every move, a word, the heart was not disgusted. Then she thought of class time, analytic "good luck day" when the characters have a show called playfully, can not help but smile. Do not understand the English test students from the fan (KEY decoration) to see the park can not help but ask, "is it a bipolar disorder?" After school, when only the two person in the office, Pu Hena inadvertently and Chen Zhengxi on, immediately pull down the eye, hide mouth smile. Then, Pu Hena invited Chen Zhengxi to work together to drink, but was flatly rejected. After the park Hena stay for a while, and into a fantasy, "it is a proud ah this obviously want to drink with me", is still a drunk look. Look always drink alone Chen Zhengxi free snacks squid, thought of Pu Hena. Think before Hena Park mistakenly thought he was arranged as a comprehensive class of substitute teacher and Chen Zhengxi together, when eating raw squid drunk shuajiu feng. Then, Chen Zhengxi points to open their own SNS on the message of the park, to see her own unconscious after revealing a smile. Alone wine men and women notice 3相关的主题文章: