The United States presidential election sprint event count: behind the poll waves – Sohu news review the entire election process, similar to the FBI restart "change emergency door mail" such a plot and a sudden turn for the worse appears frequently, obvious changes almost every big event will lead to the polls. Time: 1 days before the election event: Hilary "mail" the end of the poll changes: Hilary support rate rose nearly 90%. 10 days ago, Komi suddenly said to restart the investigation on Hilary "mail"; but on the 10 day, Komi again in the same conclusion to this end, Hilary was immediately picked up. Previously, some key state polls show that although Hilary is still ahead of Trump, but the advantage is gradually narrowing. Pollster Marius Te McClatchy (McClatchy-Marist) a survey published on the 5 results, only 1 percentage points ahead of Trump Hilary, published by YouGov in 5 of the poll also showed that only 3 percentage points ahead of Trump Hilary. But in September, Hilary for the advantage of the Trump also maintained at about 6 percentage points. With the end of the mail door, Hilary’s support rate has been a big rebound, the majority of the current polls show that Hilary’s support rate of more than. The Associated Press and CNN and other media believe that Hilary is likely to win the election. The latest Reuters Ipsos poll also showed that Hilary and Trump’s support rate were 44% and 39%, and the Hilary win the election polls predict the probability of 90%. The U.S. presidential election to implement the "electoral college" system, in most states, "winner take all", which got the majority of the votes of the candidates can take all the electoral votes. At present, the election has important effects on the "swing states" early voting results show that the number of votes Hilary and Trump close election stalemate. Therefore, the last minute of the election is full of. Time: 11 days before the election event: Hilary "mail" to restart the polls changes: Hilary from the leading 12% to 1% behind Hilary, and put the mail is bound together in a common cause gate door". At a distance of 11 days to election day, Komi notified Congress will restart the investigation on Hilary as secretary of state during the "public private mail", investigating a number of possible contact with Hilary "mail" email. But in July of this year, FBI has been given to the mail door event is not recommended to prosecute Hilary conclusions. During this time, American Broadcasting Company (ABC) of the national polls show that Hilary and Trump’s support rate gap narrowed to 1 percentage points, and this is the lead of the. Although the poll fluctuations, but the small 1%, but since May this year, Trump for the first time in the polls ahead of Hilary, many people think that this will be Trump or last minute counter attack at the turning point, in contrast, Hilary’s support rate in the week before the full ahead of Trump by 12 points. However, the U.S. media preference for Hilary’s attitude so that the mail door.相关的主题文章: