The United States issued the year of the monkey stamps Designer: display of folk culture – Sohu press   the United States in 2016 China lunar new year lunar new year commemorative stamps premiere in Saint John on 5 University of New York held at the scene, people lined up to buy stamps and first day covers. This monkey stamps with fringed purple background is blooming peony flower, with the left and Chinese monkey paper-cut "monkey", beautiful patterns and colors to attract people of all colors. The design of the set of commemorative stamps of New York Chinese artist Mai Jinhong said, this is because in the choice of peony flowers, China peony symbolizes wealth and prosperity, "I hope I can show the stamp design of the Spring Festival folk culture, let the Americans understand the Spring Festival is not only related with the animal". Vice president of the United States postal service operation area in the northeast of Richard? "Said the Uros base, New York and all over the world millions of people, (China) the Lunar New Year is the most popular and most exciting festival." He said, the United States issued stamps to celebrate the different cultures in the world has a history of 120 years. The United States issued China stamps is considered to be one of the most popular commemorative stamps. The United States Postal Service on its website home page prominently in the large space to show the issue in the year of the monkey stamps and first day covers. The year of the monkey stamp inventory countries Singapore January 8, 2016, Singapore Post launched the year of the monkey stamp with the arrival of the year of the monkey. This set of stamps is ninth since the beginning of 2008 launch of the 12 stamps in the series. Canada in February 4, 2016, Canada Post local time February 4th event was held in Toronto, officially launched the international version of the year of the monkey stamp. This set of stamps by Professor Wu Qirong and the York University graduate design department Xu Lina and cooperation, and it took about 2 years to complete. France in February 1, 2016, the French Post issued year commemorative stamps, designed by artist Li Zhongyao, which is the French postal administration lasted 12 years, issued a complete round of stamps in the last one. 美国发行猴年生肖邮票 设计者:展示民俗文化-搜狐新闻     美国2016年中国农历猴年生肖纪念邮票首发式5日在纽约圣约翰大学举行,人们在现场排起了长龙购买邮票和首日封。   这枚猴票以镶着金边的紫色为背景,中间是盛开的牡丹花,左侧配有金猴剪纸和中文“猴”字,靓丽的图案和色彩吸引了各种肤色的民众。设计该套纪念邮票的纽约华裔艺术家麦锦鸿说,今年选择牡丹花,是因为在中国牡丹象征着财富和兴旺,“我希望我设计的邮票图案能够展示春节民俗文化,让美国人了解春节并非只是与动物有关”。   美国邮政总局东北区营运副总裁理查德?乌卢斯基致辞说,“对于纽约和世界各地无数人而言,(中国)农历新年是最流行和最令人兴奋的节日。”他说,美国发行邮票庆祝世界各地不同文化已有120多年的历史。   美国发行的中国生肖邮票被认为是最受欢迎的纪念邮票之一。美国邮政总局在其网站首页最醒目位置以较大篇幅展示了当日发行的猴年邮票图案和首日封。   盘点各国猴年邮票   新加坡   2016年1月8日,新加坡邮政局为配合猴年的到来推出了猴年邮票。这套邮票是自2008年开始推出的12生肖邮票系列中的第9套。   加拿大   2016年2月4日,加拿大邮政当地时间2月4日在多伦多举行活动,正式发售猴年邮票国际版。该套邮票由约克大学设计系的伍启荣教授与毕业生许琳娜师徒合作,前后花了大约2年时间完成。   法国   2016年2月1日,法国邮政发行猴年纪念邮票,由旅法艺术家李中耀设计,这也是法国邮政总局历时12年,完整发行的一轮生肖邮票中最后一枚。相关的主题文章: