The United States Intelligence Director: "the most dangerous network technology Islamic country strong original title: the United States Intelligence Director: extremist attacks this year major security threats in new network on 11 February, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. director of national intelligence, one of the major security threats facing the United States in 2016 is: local extremists to attack the other; the main threats include network security attacks and terrorist organization Islamic state in overseas. It is reported that the annual safety assessment report released by clapper in February 9th pointed out that the rapid development of the network and the progress of technology may lead to widespread loopholes in civil infrastructure and government systems". At the hearing of the Senate Armed Services intelligence committee, clapper said, "the crises and challenges we face today are the most complex I’ve had in the intelligence community for more than 50 years."." He pointed out that the Islamic state occupied part of the territory of Iraq and Syria, so it is the most dangerous terrorist radical organization at present, and the network technology capability of the organization is stronger than other terrorist organizations. He said that although the United States "almost certainly continues to be the most important enemy of most foreign terrorist organizations", the United States will continue to suffer serious threats from Sunni Muslim terrorists in 2016". Clapper said on Europe and California San Bernardino brought the "achievement", may cause other militants to follow suit, launched a surprise attack without warning. Stewart, director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, said that the plan of the Islamic state in 2016 was to launch more attacks on the European continent, and to launch attacks on the United states. Editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

美情报总监:“伊斯兰国”最危险 网络技术很强   原标题:美情报总监:极端分子发动袭击系今年主要安全威胁   中新网2月11日电 据外媒报道,美国国家情报总监克拉珀说,2016年美国面对的主要安全威胁之一是:本土极端分子发动袭击;其他主要威胁包括恐怖组织“伊斯兰国”在海外的攻击以及网络安全问题。   据报道,克拉珀在2月9日公布的年度安全评估报告中指出,网络快速发展和技术日益进步“可能导致民用基础设施和政府系统普遍存在漏洞”。   克拉珀在参议院军事及情报委员会的听证会上说:“我们今天所面对的危机和挑战是我在情报界50多年来最复杂的。”   他指出,“伊斯兰国”占领了伊拉克和叙利亚部分领土,因此是目前最危险的恐怖激进组织;而且,该组织的网络技术能力也比其他恐怖组织还要强。   他说,尽管美国“几乎肯定将继续成为多数外国恐怖组织的最重要敌人”,2016年美国本土“仍将继续遭到来自逊尼派穆斯林恐怖分子的严重威胁”。   克拉珀说,突袭欧洲和加州圣伯纳迪诺带来的“成就感”,可能会使其他的激进分子加以效仿,在没有警告的情况下发动突袭。   美国国防情报局局长斯图尔特说,“伊斯兰国”2016年的计划就是,在欧洲大陆发动更多袭击,以及在美国本土发动袭击。 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: