The United States formally lifted economic sanctions against Burma – International – People’s original title: the United States formally lifted economic sanctions against Burma Obama. China News Agency reporter Zhang Yuran photo of US President Barack Obama signed an executive order 7 local time, termination of sanctions involving the Burma national emergency and multiple administrative orders relating to, and avoid other financial sanctions against Burma, which means that the United States formally to lift economic sanctions on burma. U.S. sanctions against Burma began in 1997, since 2011 to gradually relax sanctions. Obama last month at the White House meeting with Burma minister Aung San Suu Kyi pledged to lift economic sanctions on burma. Aung San Suu Kyi said to Obama, Burma welcomes international investment, hoping to promote strong, inclusive and long-term economic growth in Burma. Obama, 7, wrote in a letter to congressional leaders said that due to the progress of democracy in Burma, including in November 2015 to achieve substantive progress in the election, he will terminate the state of emergency for Burma. Although Burma is still facing significant challenges, including the consolidation of democracy, but the United States can, and will have other ways to support the government and people of Burma to meet these challenges. U.S. Treasury said in a statement the same day, according to the executive order signed by Obama, the Ministry of finance, foreign assets control office of the economic and financial sanctions imposed on Burma will no longer be effective. The Ministry of Finance for terrorism and financial intelligence Affairs Deputy Minister Zu Bin said the lifting of economic financial sanctions against Burma will promote trade and economic growth, the United States will cooperate with Burma, the implementation of a strong anti money laundering policies to help ensure the safety of the financial system in Burma. According to the statement, all are included in the list of sanctions against Burma for violating U.S. sanctions regulations of individuals and entities have been removed from the list, the property was thawed, according to the Burma emerald and Ruby import ban revoked, according to the regulations imposed sanctions on Burma banking and financial trading restrictions are lifted. But the Ministry of finance also stressed that other aspects of the project does not affect the termination of the sanctions sanctions imposed on Burma’s office of foreign assets control individuals or entities, such as anti drug anti drug sanctions sanctions, involving Burma person or entity will continue to be listed in the list of the sanctions, the property has been frozen. The U.S. State Department said last month that some restrictions on Burma still exist, such as the United States on the Burma military some people ban visas. (reporter Zhang Yuran) (commissioning editor Yang Mu and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: