US Japan military exercises for the first time in the framework of the new security law as many as 36 thousand people involved in the information: on June 15th, Japan India "Malabar" joint training in the waters near Okinawa, the U.S. Navy shows "Stennis" nuclear aircraft carrier aircraft landing ship training scenarios to the media: the original title will be the first day of Ian insurance law and beauty a total of 36 thousand people participated in the joint military drill Reference News Network reported on October 23rd according to Japanese media, Japan’s defense ministry announced that 21, Japan will begin in the waters surrounding Okinawa and other places for the first time held joint exercises reflect the security related content on the 30 of this month. According to Japan’s "Tokyo news" reported on October 22nd, according to security related laws, once identified as to Japan’s peace and security have an important impact on the important influence of "situation", the SDF can not subject to geographical constraints, to provide rear support military and other national army. Reported that the Japan US joint exercises for a period of 13 days, will continue until November 11th. Exercise location is all over Japan and its surrounding waters and airspace, and Tinian (Northern Mariana Islands). Self defense force official said, due to not ready, the exercise does not include the United States and other warships to simulate the attack on the exercise of collective self-defense content. In the waters around Okinawa, the exercise is to assume that the United States and other countries in a state of war, there has been an important impact on Japan’s situation". In November 7th and 9, Japan and the United States search and rescue personnel will take the air self defense force helicopter, the U.S. military rescue personnel in distress. Security related laws will assume that when something happens on the Korean Peninsula to the military to provide support for "surrounding situation law" "the important impact of this Law", in fact canceled only Japan around the geographical limits of the SDF can provide support for us in the world. However, the defense ministry said the exercise and in the past according to the law of the surrounding situation, the exercise content has not changed. Reported that the SDF about 25 thousand people, about 20 ships and a total of about 260 aircraft, about us 11 thousand people will participate in the exercise. In addition, the simulation took the island amphibious warfare exercises will be held in Tinian. The relevant legal system of security guarantee has defined the concept of "important impact on the situation", and thus expanded the content of providing support to other countries. If the government finds that it is an important impact on the situation, then in addition to the actual fighting in the region, the SDF can be provided without geographical restrictions to other countries to provide military support. The exercise is to provide support for the SDF will expand to the global scale paving the way. The exercise is the self defense forces to rescue the wounded soldiers in distress at sea. However, assuming that in fact, the war, the SDF will provide ammunition for other countries, and other countries to prepare for takeoff aircraft fuel supplement. Reported that in the future, Japan will be concerned about the international situation and public opinion trends, while holding exercises with other countries outside the U.S. military, and try to find the exercise of collective self-defense exercise time. According to Kyodo News reported on October 22nd, based on the security related law in the important impact of the situation, the concept of the first Japan US training will be implemented in November. If the Japanese government believes that these things happen"相关的主题文章: