The United Nations Relief convoy was attacked after rescue beauty refers to Russia deliberately attacked Sohu news in new network on 22 September,   according to foreign media reports, a transport aid UN rescue team 19 days on his way to Syria city of Aleppo, the air strikes, causing concern. Although Moscow denied, the United States still accused Russia of coping in the Syrian rescue convoy was attacked, casualties of the event clear responsibility. White House adviser Rhodes (Ben Rhodes) said, the implementation of such an attack, the perpetrators only two. Either Russia or Syria." Rhodes also stressed that in any case, we all believe that the Russian government responsible for the air strikes in the region." The US presidential adviser said the attack on the convoy was "a shameful act" and a "great human tragedy."". A representative of the United States on condition of anonymity, said the convoy was attacked, there are 2 Russian SU-24 bombers flew over the area. Aid failed to arrive at the destination earlier, Russia and Syria have denied responsibility for the attack. Monday (September 19th), a transport aid convoy was attacked from the air on his way to Syria city in Aleppo, leading to many civilians were killed and 31 large truck fleet, 18 trucks were destroyed. The United Nations then decided to suspend the delivery of relief supplies to Syria. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the attack was a "heinous" act. At the United Nations General Assembly, Ban Ki-moon stressed: "the rescue workers who are there are heroes, and the bombers are cowards." 21 later, the United Nations announced the resumption of the transport of relief supplies to Syria. Syria, according to the Syria Observatory for human rights, said Monday that a week of ceasefire ended. The fighter then conducted more than and 10 air strikes against Aleppo and Aleppo. More than and 20 countries, including the United States and Russia, unanimously decided in New York to fight for a ceasefire in Syria. German Foreign Minister Steinmeier said that the international Syria support group in the discussion are clearly recognized that lasted more than 5 years of conflict in Syria is at a crossroads".相关的主题文章: