The thought aspect: "Juhuaweizhi" fine thought theory – "for orange orange health Huainan, Huaibei was born in orange". This story, little has been for having heard it many times. But no matter Nongsang I, the mechanism of "Juhuaweizhi" after all kind of diaphragm. I live in the capital for many years, the "Jiangnan wandering" appreciate the various differences between the north and South scenery. Have a personal experience, so I have a real experience of the famous. Basil is a common plant in the fields of my hometown. As a child, the mother often leaves it as fish sauce, extremely delicious. Beijing, in order to retain the full of childhood memories, "nostalgia", I asked someone from home some kind of perilla seed, flower pots on the balcony. However, when they were grown, the leaf color, aroma and taste as the seasoning into the dish after, and childhood memories be quite different. The seed does not change, but they live in the soil environment has changed, the product may occur "qualitative change". Tell me this life experience, grafting success, but more is "a realistic footnote Juhuaweizhi". And I have had similar experiences, at home and abroad on some people to advocate the "constitutional democracy", "universal value", the Western model, there will be more and more rational and sober reflection and consideration. A case study of "constitutional democracy". In some people’s view, this model will undoubtedly have universal significance: the west can be used, used well, we can also use, should be used. Whether this view can withstand scrutiny and inspection? We may wish to examine the sequence of events it traced. From the point of view of "sowing", that is, the "constitutional democracy" is the product of the bourgeois revolution in the west. It refers to people’s direct democracy or the so-called "Pro democracy", the purpose is to avoid the so-called "majority tyranny", individual freedom to defend the bourgeoisie to the core of the possession and control of private property. To this point, we can use a lot of Western liberal thinkers, such as constant "freedom of the ancient people and modern people’s freedom", "Tocqueville Isaiah," the old regime and the revolution of "free" five? Berlin, find the historical clues and theoretical basis. From this point of view, some people will be "constitutional democracy" described as "ruling by constitution" and "multi-party competition" "representative democracy" and "three powers", in fact, does not touch the mode of system origin, is a kind of means to conceal it naturally or half unconsciously, as the intention and essence of the bourgeois interests of service for the masses of people, security. Further, the doctrine of "private property is sacred and inviolable" advocated by the western "constitutional democracy" mode is in jeopardy in today’s western countries. Even in the so-called "leader of the democratic world," the United States, this doctrine has also been abandoned, and more and more related regulation. For example, the United States on the inheritance tax levy and collection of increasingly stringent, the proportion is higher and higher: generally from 8% levy, up to 55%. That is to say, today’s American capitalists and rich while alive can enjoy the benefits of a regressive tax, but they lead a gay life life, a lifetime accumulation of possessions, may)相关的主题文章: