The ten point line: Mid Autumn Festival small passenger high-speed free flow Fengshen transformation technology [Abstract] every night at ten, the Tencent car take you at a glance today Jun line car circle important information. ·: Ministry of transportation: this year’s Mid Autumn Festival high-speed passenger cars are not free to broadcast the following a bad news, emotional volatility, please pay attention to control. This year’s Mid Autumn Festival (September 15th -17) during the holiday, the country’s 7 small passenger car toll road toll free. Small partners, table cry! Now it seems, at least the Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, labor day, national day, these 4 national holidays or free. Is it bad news for you to plan your trip early? However, the first line of the king has been no charge of high-speed scared. Instead of queuing at high speed, it is better to stop and chat with family. · technology; the sixth sense: starting from AX5 Fengshen to go flow Fengshen turned technical flow, can you accept it? Fengshen AX5 will play in the technology and equipment this month to 28, equipped with a number of appearances for the first time, from the beginning of this car, means that the Dongfeng Fengshen in powertrain technology, intelligent comprehensive landing field. One hundred kilometers in just 8.5 seconds, top speed of 230 kilometers per hour, while the combined fuel consumption of 6.6 liters per hundred kilometers, do you think Fengshen makeover? · real zero pollution Honda CLARITY domestic patent map exposure environmental and endurance seems to have been a contradiction between phrases, but also let the car prices are very headache problem. A group of Honda CLARITY patent map was exposed, the new energy models will be equipped with hydrogen fuel cell power system. The car’s ion battery pack is placed in the car floor, the two hydrogen storage tank is located in the back seat, the car to supplement a hydrogen fuel after the longest mileage (with reference, pictures, inquiry) can reach 750km. A lacrosse (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) and more that effect chart like car crossing from the Japanese cartoon, do not believe you see… ·…; August Infiniti sales in China rose 12% to a record high of Infiniti global sales in August to announce! Last month, the brand’s global sales rose 2% year on year, refresh sales record. However, its domestic car sales in China far behind the same period last year sales. In addition, in the next four months, the brand will also launch a new model of the car and the new car, respectively, for the compact luxury SUV new QX30, the QX70 of the 2016 paragraph, the medium-term change QX60 and the 2016 Q70L. Philippines and the four models of the car, it seems to be ready to catch a pen, brothers, you look at the section? · Volkswagen will launch fast charging projects 15 minutes to charge 80% don’t be charging 5 minutes, 2 hours of talk "brainwashed, now popular playing fast charge. Volkswagen CEO Mullen said the public is working on the development of electric vehicle rapid charging project, 15 minutes charge of 80%. In addition, the public will make only superficial changes "in 2020, there will be 30 when the public electric cars, electric car mileage of 500 km to 600. Jun Jun.相关的主题文章: