The taxi drops and the latter changed to intelligent enterprise cooperation and sending a single car Sina Korah Francisco August 31st message, every trip today announced a strategic partnership with fifty taxi companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other more than ten city, will send a single flow, etc. in the research of intelligent fusion. Didi travel chairman and CEO Cheng Wei said that the taxi is the start of the business drops, both have a strong historical background and good cooperation foundation, tens of millions of people rely on taxi travel. All along, in the taxi industry to share the changes brought about by the sharing of technology, while also actively working with the taxi companies to boost the development of the taxi network about car integration. It drops a taxi for Cao Fang introduction, in technology, service integration, relying on a strong platform for big data mining and computing power, the current drops are working with taxi companies to actively explore, based on the original "grab a single mode" on the introduction of "intelligence", the system will consider the distance, congestion and capacity the driver of supply and demand, service evaluation and other factors, will automatically match the order directed to a passenger the most appropriate taxi driver. Drops stressed in traffic integration, the platform has realized network can get through the taxi car about the order and background system, can let the taxi driver in the cab to undertake single basis, undertake the network about car orders. Early in April 26th this year, drops travel to cooperate with the first batch of 500 vehicles Haibo Haibo rental, network about cars to join the car drops, the line of vehicles, drivers and operation qualification by Haibo responsible, and online orders sent, user operations, payment by pieces of travel responsible, drivers do not need to pay "money", only a month to pay a small amount of company management fees. In addition, the drops also with the taxi enterprises in upgrading the enterprise information system, enhance the management efficiency of the taxi industry, explore business innovation, actively cooperate fully, the future will be in the right time, around the new energy automobile sales and licensing, automobile market, custom bus, car, car and other aspects of the enterprise strategic cooperation deeply. At the end of July this year, the "Interim Measures" of the network booking taxi business service and management "on the deepening of reform to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry guidance" two plan released at the same time. The latter on the taxi industry to deepen the reform of the top-level design and institutional arrangements, adhere to the transformation and development of balanced interests of all parties, passengers, drivers, taxi companies and the Internet platform, promoting the combination of the Internet and the development of car rental. (Anne)相关的主题文章: