The strongest CSOL new overlord weapon evaluation Cangfeng history Demonsoul Epee? September 13th "Counter Strike Online" (micro-blog) launched a grand new overlord series of melee weapons [] Demonsoul Epee, that the hidden power of the devil, the flame around the mighty publicity when it was launched from the game player attention. As everyone knows the overlord series weapons has always been for its name, the same as melee weapons [star] the meteor hammer with its powerful ability to kill ferocious terror for overlord level melee weapons started the fame, so what the "big sword" can play the "overlord" this a gilded signboard? After the evaluation of the map with the truth, do not know the buddies have a complete understanding of the new overlord "big sword"? If the heart would seize the time before October 13th, when sales stage chip seal overlord it income Arsenal! For more details, please pay attention: "Counter Strike Online" official website: "Counter Strike Online" client and patch download: "Counter Strike Online" official WeChat: csonline相关的主题文章: