"The spy alliance" file 11.23 Brad Pitt war movie love tears collapse "the true story of Agam" by Peter Marion, directed by Robert · directed by Zemeckis, Hollywood superstar Brad · Pitt, Oscar winning actress Marion · starring Claudia Love Love Spy war movie blockbuster "spy alliance", today released the first Chinese trailer. Movie set file on November 23rd and released simultaneously in North america. According to industry sources, the "sleeping with the enemy" as the theme of the movie is definitely the 2016 annual "most tears collapse" love movie, popular will become the next Oscar prize. According to reports, "the spy alliance" by American Paramount Pictures and GK Films studios, and Hua Hua Media Co produced. Is the pillow is the enemy of   Peter Marion interpretation of World War II "Mrs Smith" movie "spy alliance" tells a love story in Casablanca on 1942. Brad · Pitt allied agent Max and Mary · Claudia’s French spy Marianne disguised as husband and wife to kill the German ambassador, two people fell in love and married a girl a false thing becomes true. After the completion of the task, two people returned to London in an unexpected SPY Mystery, this is also under suspicion of love between husband and wife become. The release of the first Trailer Chinese panoramic display a wonderful part of the film. Trailer of the first half, under the big background of World War II and Casablanca scene, Pete and Marion, emotion of the dark roof "mutual sprinkle" and the car Jiwen laid the tone of romantic love. With the assassination plot shootout, trailer style swerved, a mystery exists between husband and wife to a story full of suspense, the end toward the end of two people revealed unexpected plot foreshadowing for eyes. The trailer, in addition to popular action scenes, bombing scenes, Brad and Mary Peter · · two star Claudia’s performance to become the largest point. They are so gorgeous retro styling, with the grand background and interact with each other affectionate eyes, perfect interpretation of said lines in "beautiful". Many details such as a "Voyeur", Peter Marion suffered a "undress test", also make the film full of fun. A lot of fans after watching the trailer full of expectations, the film and Pitt’s classic "Smith couple", said the spy alliance is a World War II version of the couple, "Smith". "The true story of Agam" director Robert’s "New Austrian red spy alliance" "Agam Gump" directing the surgeon   see the tears collapse best love movie called Peter and Marion in addition to the two level of the Oscar movie star, "the spy alliance" also has the same level of team behind. The film director Robert · Zemeckis won the super classic "the true story of Agam" won the Oscar Oscar, the famous director of other works such as "the cloud" walking "flight" "castaway" also gained super reputation, but also with Tom · Hanks, Denzel · China.相关的主题文章: