Meet in Zhejiang Science President Chen Wenxing speech at the 2016 freshmen at the opening ceremony of the dear classmates, teachers, ladies and gentlemen, when Victoria in September, the sequence of Sanqiu, in this harvest season, we meet a hundred years old school, held the opening ceremony, witnessed a new starting point of your life. You are the first new year of my presidents. Here, I would like to express the warmest welcome to your arrival on behalf of the teachers and students, the Party committee and the administration of the school. Sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks to all the parents and relatives and friends. Students, from today, you are college students. At this moment, everyone’s heart must be full of excitement, expectation, and even some doubts. What kind of university is "Zhejiang Li"? What should I do in the four years of "Zhejiang Science"? How should I do it? As your schoolmaster, I want to talk about experience and experience with my experience and experience. In 1980 I was admitted to "Zhejiang", has been studying here, work, life, time flies the years time, in the twinkling of an eye for 36 years! In my mind, "Zhejiang Science" is first of all, a university with profound historical background. Today, the school has gone through 119 spring and autumn, next year we are about to usher in the school of the 120th anniversary birthday. In the more than 100 years of pursuit and unremitting struggle, brilliant achievements have been made and a brilliant chapter has been written. School of painstaking education, generation of the teachers to write teaching Xingtan spring, spectrum, total national transport nearly two hundred thousand talents, including both the newspaper tycoon Shi Liangcai, the famous playwright Xia Yan, industrialist dujinsheng and the older generation of masters He Xing industry only, also known as the "leading people to get rich" after "70" and "Zhou Yi Rong Ju 2009 Chinese entrepreneurship list" list "80" Kim Jin, two times more as a postgraduate World Internet Conference etiquette fashion designer Zhu Jianlong classmates. "Zhejiang Li" is also a strong university. At present, the school has become a mainly, highlight the advantages and distinctive features, provincial universities of science, arts, economics and management, law, art, education and other disciplines of the coordinated development of our province is few and has the right to confer doctoral degrees with a post doctoral research station in Colleges and universities. In recent years, the reform of school education and teaching has been steadily advancing, the quality of personnel training has been continuously improved, the technological innovation and service capabilities of society have been continuously enhanced, and the level of international education has been significantly improved. The strength of running schools is more and more strong, the reputation is higher and higher, and the social influence is bigger and bigger. The list of colleges and universities in the mainland of China is a reference standard, and the national ranking of schools has been rising for a year and 116th place this year. "Zhejiang Li" is also a university with rich resources. "Zhejiang" strong teachers, a group including the Ministry of education, the National Outstanding Youth National Changjiang Scholars, thousands of people plan talent, the national people plan talent leader and national young experts with outstanding contributions at the forum, an example of students. "Zhejiang" advanced facilities, more than 20 national and ministerial level teaching and research platform (base), a rich collection of library resources, help teachers and students to explore the unknown, gallop "Zhejiang Xuehai;" distant context, arduous strenuous enterprising education course and highlighting the spirit of the times of the campus culture to guide young students, moral self-cultivation temper conduct. "Zhejiang Li" is also a university with distinctive features. From the silkworm sericulture Museum, to the high school; from the Zhejiang Institute of Silk and Textiles, Zhejiang College of engineering, and then to the Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, after the storm, how many hardships, "Zhejiang people refuse to be cowed or submit", into the rapids, involving rapids, Pibozhanlang, go ahead. "Zhejiang" training talents is particularly clear, the students with the basic knowledge, rigorous style, distinctive, innovative ability, and economic and social development of Zhejiang province high fitness and welcomed by the employing units, is a typical experience of employment of graduates in the country top 50 university graduates, occupation development and personnel training the quality of the province ranked the forefront of colleges and universities. "Zhejiang Li" is a higher school which regards talent training as a lofty mission. The training of talents is the fundamental task of colleges and universities. We do not forget the first heart and always put them in the core position. With the rapid development of economic globalization and the rapid progress of science and technology, the connotative development of higher education is in full swing. The development of the times has put forward higher requirements for talents training. The school should be potential for flow momentum, puts forward ranked hundred distinctive characteristics of high level teaching and research university educational goals to "13th Five-Year" at the end, and to continue to deepen the reform of education and teaching, to create a good environment and conditions for the students to grow and develop. In the long history, deep inside, strong strength, distinctive features, rich resources, advanced educational concepts and clear objectives, this is my "Zhejiang rationale". In order to meet your arrival, "Zhejiang Science" has been prepared. Are you ready for it, too? In the four years of "Zhejiang Science", how should I have no regrets and regrets? As president, I would like to mention a few hopes and requirements, in order to encourage each other. First, I hope that we will set up lofty ideals and beliefs in the future study, and shoulder the responsibility of the times. "The ancients" cloud "gentleman affairs, this is the road to birth." The gentleman should grasp the root and let it be set up in the heart to walk on the right path of life. We hope to establish lofty ideals and beliefs, mind "and the world economy" the lofty ideals, to gain courage, to shoulder the responsibility of state and nation; to study hard, will own development into the great cause of the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, at the same time contribute to national development efforts to achieve self value become the leader in the development of society, the builders. Second, I hope that in the future study, we should adhere to independent thinking and exercise rational thinking. As a college student in a new period, it needs both inner rationality and humanistic quality, as well as critical spirit and decisive ability. In the tide of globalization surging, various thoughts of collision and conflict between old and new values, in the complicated chaos, not deceived by the lies, not be confused by the appearance, not for fear of authority, need to adhere to independent thought, independent personality, independent spirit of criticism, as such, can be found problem, solve problems creatively, to have their own ideas in front of their major issues issues of right and wrong decisions in the clear, strong wind and big waves. Third, I hope that in the future of the study in the school tradition, to cultivate innovative entrepreneurial ability. Innovation and entrepreneurship is the main theme of the times, and innovation and entrepreneurship are also the important character of "Zhejiang Science". To a certain extent, the history of "Zhejiang Li" for 119 years is a history of innovation and entrepreneurship. The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship has long been deeply integrated into the life of "Zhejiang Li", and it is transformed into every "Zhejiang rational" person’s behavior consciousness. I hope the students inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the school "knowledge truth-seeking, innovation and entrepreneurship, firmly establish the awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship, in the daily life, adhere to independent thinking, break the normal procedure of bold exploration, continuously put forward new ideas, creating new technology and solve new problems. Fourth, I hope that we should strengthen the sense of responsibility and stimulate the spirit in the future study. College students are not only for learning knowledge and learning skills, but for getting diplomas and academic degrees, but to become a responsible person and become a person who does something for the country and the society. "The University, the school of adults". Through college learning, let yourself become a gentleman with a sense of culture and family feelings. I hope you learn in the future life, continuously strengthen their sense of responsibility and play ability, maintain a strong sense of responsibility and mission, always remember to others, to family and society, the state and national responsibility, diligent in learning good at learning, improve the ability of responsibility. Fifth, I hope you learn in the future and build, enhance their comprehensive qualities. University study is not only the process of knowledge accumulation, but also the deepening of personal accomplishment, the improvement of life realm and the continuous sublimation of temperament. I hope everyone in the study of professional knowledge, be learned in books, diligent practice, and build, and constantly improve their own comprehensive qualities, put themselves into a profound and deep inside the liberal people, keep the freedom of thought, the soul of the jade, broad vision, strive to become an advocate of modern civilization heritage, practitioners in new period ethics, good social fashion. Students, entering the "Zhejiang Science", means that you have opened a new journey of life. I hope you know as soon as possible "into the" Zhejiang Zhejiang theory "," complete the transition from a student to a university student’s role as soon as possible, and in future study and life, and strive to practice the "Tak Zhiyuan, erudite London" motto, "carry forward the spirit of seeking probity, grow in knowledge, Dili life and social service, for the future development and lay a solid foundation for the community to make full preparations. Students, I am full of expectations for you! Let us hand in hand to write the new chapter of "Zhejiang Science" together. Want to know the latest information on education, ask for educational confusion, share educational experience and experience? Pay attention to Sina micro-blog @ Sina education in Zhejiang, reflect your demands and discoveries, or pay attention to the public number: education information zj_edu, or join the Sina Zhejiang parents’ Association, official interaction QQ group: 62210056. For more information on overseas students, please join the group QQ group QQ in Zhejiang: 280980058. More information, please sweep the two-dimensional code of Zhejiang education information 相约在浙理 陈文兴校长在2016级本科新生开学典礼上的讲话   亲爱的同学们,老师们,各位来宾:   时维九月,序属三秋,在这收获的季节,我们相聚百年学府,举行开学典礼,共同见证你们人生的一个新起点。你们是我任校长之后迎来的第一届新生。在此,我谨代表全校师生员工、代表学校党委和行政,对你们的到来表示最热烈的欢迎!对诸位家长和亲友们表示诚挚的问候和衷心的感谢!   同学们,从今天开始,你们就是大学生了!此时此刻,大家的心里一定充满了兴奋、期待,甚至还有些许的疑惑。“浙理”是怎样的一所大学?在“浙理”的四年,我该做些什么?我该如何去做?作为你们的学长,我想结合自己求学与工作的经历谈点体验与感受。   我于1980年考入“浙理”,之后一直在这里学习、工作、生活,时光飞逝岁月流年,转眼之间已有36年了!在我心目中,“浙理”首先是一所历史底蕴深厚的高校。时至今日,学校已走过119个春秋,明年我们即将迎来办学120周年华诞。在一百多年的上下求索、不懈奋斗中,取得了辉煌的成就,书写了熠熠生辉的篇章。学校潜心育人,一代代理工教师矢志杏坛写春秋,教书育人谱华章,累计已为国家输送了近二十万名优秀人才,其中既有报业巨子史量才、著名剧作家夏衍、实业家都锦生等老一辈名家大师和兴业之才,也有被誉为老百姓致富“领头羊”的“70后”周毅和荣居“2009中国大学生创业富豪榜”榜首的“80后”金津,更有两次担任世界互联网大会礼仪服装设计师的在校研究生朱建龙同学。   “浙理”还是一所实力雄厚的高校。目前学校已发展成为一所以工为主,优势突出、特色鲜明,理、工、文、经、管、法、艺术、教育等多学科协调发展的省属高校,是我省少数几所具有博士授予权并设有博士后流动站的高校。近年来,学校教育教学改革稳步推进、人才培养质量不断提升、科技创新与服务社会能力持续增强、国际化办学水平显著提高,办学实力越来越雄厚、美誉度越来越高、社会影响越来越大。以武书连大陆高校排行榜为参考标准,学校全国排名连年攀升,到今年已位列第116名。   “浙理”还是一所办学资源丰富的高校。“浙理”师资力量雄厚,一批包括教育部长江学者、国家杰青、国家千人计划人才、国家万人计划领军人才和国家有突出贡献中青年专家执教讲坛、垂范学子。“浙理”设施先进,20余个国家级和省部级教学科研平台(基地)、丰富的馆藏图书资源,助力师生探究未知、驰骋学海;“浙理”文脉悠远,筚路蓝缕、奋发进取的办学历程和彰显时代精神的校园文化引导青年学子修身养德、砥砺品行。   “浙理”还是一所办学特色鲜明的高校。从蚕学馆,到高等蚕桑学堂;从浙江丝绸工学院,到浙江工程学院,再到浙江理工大学,几经风雨,几多磨难,不屈不挠的“浙理”人,闯激流,涉险滩,劈波斩浪,勇往直前。“浙理”培养的人才特色尤为鲜明,培养的学生以基础宽厚、作风严谨、行业特色鲜明、创新创业能力强、与浙江省经济社会发展适配度高而深受用人单位欢迎,是全国毕业生就业典型经验50强高校,本科毕业生职业发展与人才培养质量名列全省高校前列。   “浙理”更是一所视人才培养为崇高使命的高校。人才培养是高校的根本任务,我们不忘初心,始终将其放在核心地位。当前经济全球化深入发展,科技进步日新月异,高等教育内涵式发展如火如荼,时代发展对人才培养提出了更高的要求。学校应势而谋顺势而为乘势而上,提出了到“十三五”末建成位列全国百强的特色鲜明高水平教学研究型大学的办学目标,并为此不断深化教育教学改革,竭力为同学们成长、成才和发展创造优良的环境和条件。   历史久远、底蕴深厚、实力雄厚、特色鲜明、资源丰富,办学理念先进,奋斗目标明确,这就是我心目中的“浙理”。为了迎接你们的到来,“浙理”已经做好了准备。你们是否也做好了准备?在“浙理”的四年应该如何无怨无悔度过?作为校长,我想对大家提几点希望和要求,以此共勉。   第一,希望大家在今后的学习中树立起崇高的理想信念,肩负起时代赋予的重任。古人云“君子务本,本立而道生。”君子要抓住根本,让根本在心中树立起来,才能行走在正确的人生道路上。希望大家树立起崇高的理想信念,胸怀“兼济天下”的远大理想,以舍我其谁的气魄,肩负起对国家和民族的责任;努力学习,将自身的发展融入到中华民族复兴的伟大事业中,在为国家发展做出贡献的同时实现自我价值,努力成为社会发展的引领者、建设者。   第二,希望大家在今后的学习中坚持独立思考,锻炼理性思维。作为一名新时期的大学生,既需要内在理性和人文素养,又需要批判精神和决断能力。在全球化浪潮汹涌澎湃、各种思潮相互碰撞、新旧价值观激烈冲突的时代,如何在纷繁复杂的乱象中,不为谎言所欺骗,不为表象所迷惑,不为权威所畏怯,需要坚持独立的思想、独立的人格、独立的批判精神,惟其如此,才能敏锐地发现问题,创造性地解决问题,才能在大是大非面前有自己的主见,在大风大浪中有自己清醒的决断。   第三,希望大家在今后的学习中秉承学校传统,培养创新创业能力。创新创业是时代的主旋律,创新创业也是“浙理”的重要品格。一定程度上讲,“浙理”119年的办学历史就是一部创新创业史。创新创业的奋斗精神早已深深融入“浙理”的生命,化为每位“浙理”人的行为自觉。希望同学们传承和弘扬学校“求知求实、创新创业”的优良传统,牢固树立创新创业意识,在日常学习生活中,坚持独立思考,打破常规大胆探索,不断提出新观点、发明新技术、解决新问题。   第四,希望大家在今后的学习中强化责任意识,激发担当精神。同学们读大学,不仅是为了学习知识、学习技能,更不只是为拿文凭、得学历,而是要成为一个负责任的人,成为一个对国家、对社会有所作为的人。“大学者,大人之学也”。通过大学学习,让自己成为一个具有文化意识和家国情怀的君子。希望你们在今后的学习生活中,不断强化自身的责任意识和担当能力,保持强烈的责任心和使命感,时刻牢记对他人、对家庭、对社会、对国家和民族的责任,勤于学习善于学习,不断提升责任担当的能力。   第五,希望大家在今后的学习中文理兼修,增强自身综合素养。大学学习既是知识积累的过程,又是人身修养不断深入、人生境界不断提升、气质气韵不断升华的过程。希望大家在学好专业知识的同时,博览群书,勤于实践,文理兼修,不断提升自身综合素养,把自己锻造成一个学识渊博、底蕴深厚的博雅之士,保持思想的自由、心灵的温润,视野的开阔,努力成为现代文明的传承者、新时期道德规范的实践者、良好社会风尚的倡导者。   同学们,走进“浙理”,意味着你们开启了人生新一段的航程。希望你们尽快了解“浙理”、融入“浙理”,尽快完成从一个中学生到一个大学生的角色转变,并在今后的学习、生活中,努力践行“厚德致远、博学敦行”校训,弘扬“求是笃实”之校风,在获取知识、砥砺人生、服务社会中获得成长,为未来发展打下坚实的基础,为走向社会做好充分准备。   同学们,我对你们充满了期待!让我们携手同行,共同书写“浙理”新的篇章!   想要了解最新教育资讯,请教教育困惑、分享教育经验与心得吗?那就关注新浪微博@新浪浙江教育,反映你的诉求和发现;或关注公众号:教育资讯一点通(zj_edu);或加入新浪浙江家长会,官方互动QQ群:62210056。了解更多留学资讯,请加入新浪浙江留学帮帮团qq群:280980058。 更多资讯请扫二维码 浙江教育资讯一点通相关的主题文章: