Samsung washing machine parts by user group litigation explosion from September 28th news, according to CNN reports, U.S. regulators warned Wednesday that some specific requirements of high-end Samsung brand washing machine has to be vigilant, because they have already received some washing machine explosion report. Local time on Wednesday, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC:the Consumer Product Safety Commission) is recommended for high efficiency and high load suspension cover Samsung washing machine, washing machine parts and to Samsung users warned that for those from the top of the fuselage into the clothing model of the user needs to pay attention, these products are "safety of washing machine". CPSC said the existing problems were between March 2011 and April 2016, but CPSC did not specify a specific model. Before finding the solution, Samsung and CPSC recommend that users, in the cleaning of bedding and large objects, the use of fine clothing cleaning mode, this mode of speed slow, washing machine slot is not loose, and the nearby people or objects. The agency said it was communicating with Samsung to explore related remedies. In the previous month, more than a dozen users from Texas, Georgia and Indiana said they had exploded when they used Samsung washer and launched a class action lawsuit against Samsung. The Dezhou women in court documents complained that she was using the Samsung washing machine exploded, the explosion is very severe, so that her garage wall damaged "; and a woman in Dallas, Georgia said, in the use of Samsung washing machine, listen to feel like a bomb". According to the morning news program Good Morning America (Good Morning America), an American woman Georgia Melissa Thaxton said that in April 8th this year, the morning she was using the Samsung washing machine when the machine burst open, and when she was four year old son stands aside. The explosion was so loud that she hurried down to protect her son and scream. Later she found that the wire, screw and cover of the washing machine scattered all over the ground. Another woman in North Carolina also said she bought the Samsung vertical washing machine after two months, but fortunately there was no one nearby. The federal court of New Jersey accepted the collective action. The plaintiff in the complaint said that after the explosion, "Samsung has actively collected and destroyed all the evidence of the defective machine."

三星洗衣机爆炸喷出零件 遭到用户集体诉讼   9月28日消息,据CNN报道,美国监管机构周三发出警告,要求某些特定高端三星品牌洗衣机的拥有者提高警惕,因为他们已经收到了一些洗衣机爆炸的报告。   当地时间周三,美国消费者产品安全委员会(CPSC:the Consumer Product Safety Commission)暂停推荐三星高效率高负荷开盖洗衣机,并向部分三星洗衣机用户发出警告称,对于那些使用从机身顶部装入衣物机型的用户需要注意,这些洗衣机产品存在“安全问题”。   CPSC称,这些存在问题机器出厂日期为2011年3月和2016年4月之间,但CPSC未指明具体机型。   在找出解决之道之前,三星和消费品安全委员会建议使用者,在清洗被褥和大型物件时,使用清洗精致衣物模式,这个模式的转速较慢,洗衣机内槽比较不会松脱、伤及附近的人或物品。   该机构表示,其正在与三星进行沟通,探讨相关补救措施。   在此前一个月,来自德克萨斯州、乔治亚州和印第安纳州的多名用户称在使用三星洗衣机时发生了爆炸,并对三星发起集体诉讼。其中德州一名妇女在法庭文件中抱怨称,她在使用三星洗衣机发生了爆炸,“爆炸非常剧烈,以至于她的车库墙面受到损毁”;而乔治亚州达拉斯的一位女性则表示,在使用三星洗衣机时,听上去感觉就像是发生了“爆炸”。   据美国晨间新闻节目早安美国(Good Morning America),美国乔治亚州一名女性Melissa Thaxton表示,今年4月8日早上她正在使用三星洗衣机时机器突然炸开,当时她和四岁的儿子就站在一旁。爆炸声非常大,她急忙低身护住儿子、惊声尖叫。后来她发现,洗衣机的电线、螺丝和盖子散落一地。北卡罗莱纳州另一名女性也表示,她买的三星直立式洗衣机,用了两个月后突然喷出零件,所幸当时附近没有人。   新泽西州联邦法院受理了这起集体诉讼。原告方在诉状中称,爆炸发生后,“三星已经积极收集并销毁了存在缺陷机器的所有证据。”相关的主题文章: