The S6 finals EDG defeat in the first battle! The wild card team INTZ stunning performance INTZ BAN: Jess, excavator, Rambo EDG BAN: female leopard, spider, Bard INTZ PICK: NAR, blind monk, Shindelar, AI, EDG PICK bloom: knife sister, male gun, vampire, EZ, Nameiben EDG play in Pawn, hopes the return of competition players can make experience full recovery EDG shining stadium! INTZ blue square ban off Jess, ray Alexis and Rambo EDG in red square; ban lost female leopard, spider and Bud. From the wild card team INTZ jungler as many brother director, the director of the blind monk directly against the male gun! Early EDG are in the middle and lower, the next step is to kill the INTZ Road dual combination. But with INTZ walk blind monk gradually disrupted the rhythm of EDG, is under way in the tower to kill Deft and Meiko strong, thanks to the director of an enemy three stall to keep the gap is not too big to. But the blind monk repeatedly gank successfully helped INTZ the economic gap even widened to ten thousand. In the middle of the game, ITZ use a small advantage, the blind monk again GANK on the road to kill the knife sister pushed off the road after all the EDG tower. Because of the lack of EDG tower, vision loss cases, repeated by ITZ dundao, head ratio 9:6, three road outside the tower all pushed only a road two tower. EDG tried to slow down the game in the case of inferior to the late drag. But the wild card team apparently learned to take advantage of operation, gradually widening the gap, eventually kill the director of ice / hit Deft then swoop win battle group won the game wins. Congratulations to INTZ!相关的主题文章: