The mother will determine the quality of children’s future – Sohu in most families by China mother, mother bear the main responsibility of the child’s education, in this case, the "mother of the child’s quality decides the future" is not without reason. Of course, father of missing family education is not conducive to the all-round development of children. Father of missing children, particularly boys, often lack the character of perseverance, it’s one thing for sure. A family, even the poor destitute, as long as there is a kind-hearted, thrifty, optimistic and neat woman in the restaurant, this home is still in the minds of children and the palace of happy harbor. The mother, the most important product for the community, is your child. In addition to spontaneous love, mother must learn the art of education, otherwise, any reform of education are useless. The image of the mother will affect everyone’s life from beginning to end. Maybe a lot of people don’t realize it, but it’s a fact that can’t be denied. A person from small to large, as long as he (she) accompanied by his mother, the mother of all, the image of the mother, the mother of the person, mother’s habits, mother’s consciousness and so on, will imperceptibly affect children, and those children, is the life of you, I, he, — strong mother teach children not cowardice in the face of difficulties in people’s thinking, are the representatives of the woman as weak, seems to be the only man enough to "strong" two words. In fact, in real life, real difficulties can not afraid of difficulties and hardships, is those who look weak women tend to stick to it, they even in some aspects than men but also strong and persistent. As MS Wang Guiquan (Liang Qichao’s two wife), Liang Qichao died after spent unimaginable years with nine children, even in the ten years that the unrest has not shaken her strong belief. After her death, Liang Sicheng and his brothers and sisters planted a "mother tree" at his father’s grave to commemorate the strong mother. Two, open-minded mother let the children learn in the future to woman’s mind has always been portrayed as literati narrow and selfish and even suicide, saying that women have long hair and short brains. If the world is only a man’s chest is broad, but a woman’s mind just hill tracks. However, there are a lot of women’s mind let us admire, these women’s broad mind, let us know a mother in the most difficult time of value. Misaki Sato Fuko (Guo Moruo cohabiting women in Japan), the modern people may not know the woman, after Guo Moruo left Japan, a person has to raise five children, until fifteen years later to see Guo Moruo. Three, good mother, let the children know the most terrible "of human society is cruel behavior and spiritual indifference, but none of us can deny that many people seem unable to avoid these two kinds of tragic reality. Although sometimes these two conditions are due to "force majeure", but most of the circumstances are man-made factors. That is, some people do not have a good mother, their personality相关的主题文章: