The pursuit of life style drive Renault Koleos CVT ultimate over the years, preaching the law car and romantic personality, has been low-key style, the majority of consumers Chinese. But with the younger generation of consumers gradually occupy the mainstream of the market, the new style elements also made more demands, which seems to mean that the legal system of the spring is coming. So today we came to the scenic (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) beautiful Zhejiang Ningbo, drive with a French descent – Dongfeng Renault Koleos SUV. Test drive information drive time: October 2016 drive location: Zhejiang Ningbo drive weather: rain test mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry): 200 km by Xu Shenchao Xu Shenchao photo: the official guide price: not listed vehicles: Dongfeng Renault vehicles: Dongfeng Renault Koleos (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) CVT ultimate engine: 2.5L driver: front maximum power (kW RPM): 1376000 maximum torque (N· m RPM): 2334000 long high width (mm): 4672*1843*1678 (mm): 2705 wheelbase gearbox: CVT CVT box suspension: Front: Mcpherson independent, multi link independent advantages: a yen value upgrade, interior and configuration is sufficient to cater to the China consumer preferences, for a system of vehicle is very rare. Inadequate: in the face of Volkswagen, Ford and Buick and other competitors, Renault urgent need to improve their brand influence in the country. Design: family size increases in overall gene significantly parameters, people obsessed with space in the vehicle has been greater than the other, as long as the car ride or loading space is abundant, the car is sold not too far away. We can see the Koleos body size has a very good advantage in the face of competition.相关的主题文章: