The public auction field dotted with the racquet is reliable art Taobao double eleven, wireless payment accounted for 82%, marking the payment, consumption, entering a new era. This consumption patterns also affect the circulation of art. Since last year, the total China art trade has shrunk, the store closed neglect, but WeChat in the "micro shooting hall", and "have" Jianlou mobile APP has been booming. Art racket, reliable? Whether it will become the transformation of traditional antique shops, a new opportunity to break it? Who took the field with public art auction circle may remember the synchronous 2015 auction ten anniversary of poly Autumn Auction evening with Art Deco, Li Keran’s "Kunlun snow map" and "the Qi Baishi eighteen album" hagakure heard after several auction respectively to 70 million 150 thousand yuan and 115 million yuan turnover, two pieces of buyers is the auction proceeds through the electricity network synchronization. The latter has so far maintained the highest price record net art. This is a successful "test the water", Shanghai, Xiamen also joined poly Mingxuan "synchronous shoot" ranks. In September this year, jade crafts Chinese Guardian seasons forty-seventh auction will be the first comprehensive introduction of real time network auction, collectors pay only 20 thousand yuan deposit can participate in the auction period throughout all 11 sessions of more than 4 thousand auction auction. Online auction has become a powerful complement to the traditional art market. Some people say that online shopping is less fine works of art. In fact, is the art trade on the network performance of polarization. Large auction companies is not taboo at the same time the auction site opened network. Only tens of millions of dollars of high-end art, invisible in ordinary set threshold. And for ordinary collectors open platform is not a minority. As with the "Guardian online" almost at the same time the establishment of the "Zhao Yong line", the main audience the most extensive collection of categories of coins, stamps, take the civilian route won the favor of consumers, has become the largest YouBiKa network trading platform. launched the "pocket Tibet" APP in 2015, is committed to creating an online antique mall, the launch date, "Dou Tibet" hits up to 113 thousand, the highest number of visitors reached 61 thousand people. WeChat in the "micro shooting hall", to participate in the sale of micro film both sides can pay the deposit can not pay the deposit, each increase of at least 9 yuan only, with hundreds of yuan price bought jade, jade jewelry, every day a large number of transactions. The high-end art auction field go route, said "the times"; the public took the field with the same APP, a day hundreds of small auction at the same time, full of sound and colour. The turnover is high, while the high-end auction field to an enemy million, participation in a wide range of civilians also be in full swing scene. In the real art market today online exchange keep going by painstaking effort, but in the shine, have caused the industry attention. The same is true or false and trust in the field of high-end topics in civilian field in the popularity of online art trade really rare is the middle layer, the collection price range in the hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Online transactions, people reported相关的主题文章: