The property market pulled clear Department of Homeland: residential land into the fast increasing interval – Sohu news JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhao Peng) yesterday, the Ministry announced the 2016 three quarter of operation of the land market interpretation, disclosure of 1-9 months the national housing land supply 47 thousand and 900 hectares, down 8.4%. The concern is that China’s property market pulled clear, residential land prices again into rapid growth interval. Before the three quarter, the national real estate market differentiation significantly, to the inventory and price regulation coexist, difficulty, it is necessary to prevent the real estate market rapidly rising to increase social instability, but also to the risk of the financial system to prevent the real estate market quickly brought down. During this period, China’s land transfer area and the price of the transaction price increases, the price increase over 70% provinces. From the macro finance to loose monetary policy adjustment direction of influence, 1-9 months, the national land area and the transaction price was 143 thousand hectares and 2 trillion and 280 billion yuan, down 4.8% and 24.8% growth over the same period last year, two fell more than 25%. Compared with the first half, the transfer area from positive to negative, the transfer price was flat. There are 23 provinces in the country to increase the price of land transfer, Zhejiang, Hainan, Anhui, Ningxia, Gansu, a larger increase, the 8 provinces have declined to varying degrees, such as Liaoning, Beijing, Hunan, etc.. 1-9 months, the national real estate land supply 71 thousand hectares, down by 7.8%. Sub categories to see, 47 thousand and 900 hectares of residential land supply, down by up to; business to supply the supply of 23 thousand and 200 hectares, down by 6.6%. From a structural point of view, residential real estate accounted for the proportion of land is the stabilization of the situation, the last 5 years of China’s housing land real estate land ratio has been stable at between 66%-68%, reflects China’s real estate market by the proportion is more reasonable allocation. The three quarter, residential land prices rose city number reached 90% QoQ, up more than 80%; report the number of abnormal trading block, the average premium rate and the average bid rounds were significantly increased, some city "price" frequency. The residential land market concern, the fundamental reason for thermal tendency has not changed, such as the monetary environment is still loose, the real economy investment channels are sluggish, part of the industrial capital to the real estate field, uplift of the land market competition strength. Next, the relevant departments should pay attention to the impact of macro-control policies on land market changes. As macro-control policy includes the effect of financial policy operation in the land market, the country may be introduced to promote the development of the real economy of the financial support policy, crowding out funds may appear overheated real estate investment, the future land demand could steadily release. Relevant departments will also be due to the city Shi policy, classification regulation, through innovative regulatory mechanisms to explore new ways of land transactions, improve the level of supervision, etc.. The Department of homeland will cooperate with the local government and relevant departments of the real estate market regulation, supervision and guidance of all respect the laws of the market operation, take timely macro-control, by closely tracking market trends, timely analysis.相关的主题文章: