The players’ 8 league games only into a ball of foot naturalized players imperative – Sohu sports last night, the twenty-ninth round of super league matches are over. The current round of the league, the players’ performance in general, only 8 games, Shanghai port Yu Hai caused the opponent an own goal, and the rest of the country foot frontcourt player was not much dazzling performance, and the Hong Kong striker Wu Lei goal drought continues to lengthen. Look at all the players’ performance, the author thinks that the Orangemen naturalized players this way is imperative! The current round of Super League, Shanghai Hong Kong 1-0 against Tianjin TEDA, twenty-eighth minutes, Lv Wenjun left a corner, Yu Hai in the restricted area after the ball jump start rub Leipzig, Zhou Haibin small box fall out, the ball to make TEDA goalkeeper Tim Yang Qipeng only musongpiqiu network. The goal is to restore the face for the international. Maybe related to the current round of the League relegation, each team played 8 games with the two 0-0 races, respectively is the Shanghai Shenhua – Beijing Guoan and Hebei Huaxia happiness – Hangzhou Greentown, which was only 8 games, scored 12 goals, the Chinese ball member (Xie Pengfei, 4 grains Yu Hai, Jin Bo, Yang Zhenyu) foreign aid, 8 tablets. Over the years, Chinese football has been plagued by weakness. In the 12 race, every time I see Wu Lei wasted opportunity, believe that every one who loves football Chinese people will mind a scolding! But what else is there? Wu Lei currently scored 13 goals in the Premier League, ranking top scorer in the list of fourth. This is already the best performance of domestic players in recent years. But Wu Lei has not scored in all competitions for nearly two months. Recently, the world famous football coach Lippi took the, he proposed a "naturalized player" the condition, after exposure to this condition, suffered a lot of criticism. There are a lot of fans believe that China’s large population, no naturalization, and some fans believe that the naturalization of players feasible, in a short period of time to speed up the results of the Chinese national team. Indeed, when the belt collar Hengda, team in Conca and Muriqui. El Eriksson three people will be swept through Asia, if the country foot array can domestication few Reggie, Chongchao Asia also point the day and await for it. Although there are a lot of people against naturalized players, but the League International players, I still believe that naturalized players as soon as possible. Previously, the media had recommended the Guangzhou Hengda El Eriksson, Jiangsu Su you Teixeira, Chongqing Lifan Fernando. If you can really naturalization of these players, the strength of the country is bound to suddenly improve. WeChat public number: zuqiuwangguo [football Kingdom]相关的主题文章: