The photographers of Gansu folk songs and enjoy the wonders of North and South China Dangchang (Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 30 Lanzhou Xinhua (reporter Liu Yutao) September Dangchang, an invigorating autumn climate, medicinal fragrance, from all over the country more than 40 photographers and photography enthusiasts gathered in Gansu Dangchang, with his hands in the camera to record the beauty of autumn. The 28 day, the second "into the goose ditch, feeling Hadapu beauty, Dangchang" photography contest in Dangchang this event will continue to start, for half a year, in the late spring of next year focus awards. The picture shows the launching ceremony of the photo contest, the official local people perform dance. Liu Yutao photo Gansu Dangchang County Committee, propaganda minister Wang Fuquan said, the photography contest, to sing "the rhyme nirvana, red resort tourism brand, promote Dangchang rich tourism resources. Hope that through your photographer’s lens, the ecological environment of Dangchang cultural history, beautiful and unique folk customs to the country, to the world. Dangchang county is located in the south of the province of Gansu, the transition zone for the north subtropical and temperate zone, three plateau climate, the terrain sloping from northwest to Southeast, the terrain from the mountains and hills, valley three units, vertical climate significantly, North-South differences, rich resources, unique landscape, both north of the magnificent, and is south of the beautiful. The official figure autumn goose ditch. The goose ditch Liu Yutao she is creating the national 5A level scenic area in Gansu province is one of the eighteen major scenic spots to determine the key construction, is also popular with various photographers favored. Scenic spots in the spring flowers in full bloom, flourish, summer shade blot out the sun, cool, autumn maple / cenglinjinran, winter Qionghua Yushu, ice crystal, Dangchang prairie composition within the 1 million 250 thousand acres of pasture, Qianshan bi. In recent years, the tourism industry as the first industry Dangchang Fumin County to grasp, tourism infrastructure, overall grade and foreign influence have been greatly improved. The green landscape as the skeleton, the red shrine as the sign of Diqiang ethnic folk culture heritage tourism pattern has been formed. Figure for the autumn dangchang. Photo by Liu Yutao on 2015, Dangchang County won the "China ecological natural landscape tourism to be the best" and "best China health leisure tourism destination". Zhao Jinlong, vice chairman of Gansu Photographers Association said, Dangchang tourism resources is a hotspot, and the mountains, due to climatic conditions, often forming a misty scene, compared to Gansu is a local, Longnan rainfall, formed a unique beauty, the south, the northern part of the different scenery, for many visitors, or very wonderful. Zhao Jinlong said, so beautiful, in addition to self appreciation, to show to the public through the lens, infect more people, so that everyone can feel the beauty of Dangchang charm, feel the beauty of life. It is the motivation of the contest, we all learn from each other, the creation of more outstanding literary works show the unique history of Dangchang region culture, ethnic customs, economic and social development, promote the local cultural tourism development. (end)相关的主题文章: