The people’s Liberation Army military aircraft flying around Taiwan East Taiwan Li Guifa: Taiwan never thought core tip: People’s Liberation Army 6 aircraft bypass to the East, around the circle in Taiwan, Li Guifa believes that Taiwan never thought that one day the PLA aircraft will come from the East, now the situation has changed. Phoenix November 30th "military observation room", the following is the text: Dong Jiayao: ask Taiwan Li Gui will, with your intelligence, this time around Taiwan flight PLA Taiwan military high-profile, how is judged, what? Li Guifa (former Taiwan Air Force Commander): so the PLA 6 aircraft bypass to the East, around the circle in Taiwan, this has very important meaning, is the strategic situation changed. We used to think that the enemy would not come from the West for many years, even from the east. Therefore, all previous air combat occurred in the Strait of Taiwan. China military aircraft over the midline not been felt a threat to Taiwan, never thought that one day he will this flight from the East over, the whole situation has changed. So you ask me there is no threat to Taiwan, of course, past as long as we plan for the west to enemy defense, then all the air defense forces, air defense missile deployment base deployment, are also to the West against the PLA Air Force, now. "Military observation room" broadcast in Phoenix TV station program [Chinese area] host: Dong Jiayao [host] area first time: Wednesday: 22:00 22:30    replay time: Thursday   03:25-04:00 15:30 to see more gold commentary, hot reading, anchor style, behind the dirt? Hush! Quietly to join Phoenix will enjoy private (ID:phtvifeng), let Xiaofeng Jun take you to walk along a small rear phoenix.                相关的主题文章: