The outbreak of the Korean million people protest against "cronies" interference in politics – Sohu news protest scene. See more photos of the scene of new Seoul on 12 November, (reporter Wu Xu) Seoul 12, South Korea’s largest outbreak of demonstrations since 2008. More than 1 thousand and 500 civil society groups held a rally in downtown Seoul, condemned the "political cronies" incident, asked the President Park Geun hye to resign and be responsible for the matter. As of the day of 20, the estimated 1 million people participated in the rally, police said the actual scale has reached 260 thousand people, more than 2008 against imports of American beef BSE risks exist and demonstrations. The 12 day rally is "trusted politics" incident broke after the South Korean people spontaneously held third large-scale rally, a rally but also to participate in the largest and longest, the event will continue until 13 am. On the same day from 14 at the start, a large number of people in the University, Lu Zhong Road, South Gate, Seoul station, City Hall Plaza around the center held beforehand 5 road rally, rally Gwanghwamun, Chong Wa Dae direction 17 time. According to South Korean media reports, this is the Korean court first allowed protesters marched to the area near the Chong Wa Dae, the scene dispatched nearly 30 thousand police officers to maintain order, but there are some protest groups continue to attempt to Chong Wa Dae Road, confrontation with the police. According to North Korea, TV reported that as of 22, there were more than 30 injured in the field of light treatment, did not appear seriously injured. Reporters on the scene saw a number of civic groups delivered "the Declaration", requiring the identification of "political cronies dry truth" incident. In addition to the civil society organizations, there are many students in the assembly, the elderly and children with their parents to participate in the rally. People held banners and chanted slogans to express their dissatisfaction with the event. It is understood that the day of the rally is not all from Seoul, there are a large number of people from Busan, Daegu, Kwangju and other civil society groups. Korean media reported earlier, a few days before the meeting began, from the many to Seoul train tickets have been sold to all. In addition, South Korea’s three largest opposition party, the Democratic Party, the Party of the people, the party’s leadership in the party’s justice that day appeared rallies. Seoul city mayor Pu Yuanchun, former Democratic Party leader Wen zaiyin, South City Mayor Li Zaiming, the National Party of former United Party Shouan Chul soo also attended the meeting. South Korean media reported that South Korea’s ruling New World Party to pay close attention to the 12 meeting of the relevant circumstances, and a large number of members of the opposition parties to participate in the rally expressed dissatisfaction. On the other hand, the anger is not because the park 4 apology has subsided, an important watershed in the rally is likely to become the current situation, meeting the size and influence or determine developments.相关的主题文章: