The Olympic delegation visit to Macao elite end – Hong Kong – August 29th, the Rio Olympics elite National Olympic delegation arrived in Macao bus terminal, launched a 4 day visit. Macao SAR government held a welcoming ceremony at the pier. For Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping (right two), arrived at the Macao maritime terminal. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Jinjia photo newspaper in Hongkong in August 29,   (reporter Chen Ran) 29 days afternoon 3 when, the Rio Olympics elite National Olympic delegation of the end of the 3 day of his visit to Hong Kong in Sheung Wan Macau Ferry boat to Macao to visit the exchange. The delegation visited Hong Kong last day morning, athletes and Hong Kong Youth Corps division, the public and students to do the exchange. Chinese’s representative to Ma’anshan stadium and youth coach Lang Ping to learn skills, young people, in the process of achieving the goals, no matter how difficult it is to be maintained. Part of the table tennis, feather players representing visited Hongkong Institute of physical education, demonstration and competition of young athletes, some students think that the exchange opportunity is rare, especially with a table tennis racket to Xu Xin signature. Badminton and diving champion Fu Haifeng, Lin Yue is a primary school in Hong Kong to share experiences in sports, the school to the two people give written by Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Rao Zongyi’s "race to the top" and "bright talent" as praise. The Central Government Liaison Office for the delegation held a farewell luncheon, Zhang Xiaoming, director of the liaison office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office Commissioner Song Zhe, the garrison commander Tan Benhong attended and cordial conversation with athletes. Zhang Xiaoming at the luncheon speech to thank the athletes to participate in various activities, fatigued with the journey. He said, 3 days to the members of the delegation walked into the mall, visiting schools, homes, face-to-face interaction with the people of Hongkong, another Olympic fever, greatly inspired the patriotic enthusiasm of the Hongkong compatriots into a positive energy society of Hongkong. Subsequently, the SAR Government Secretary for home affairs Liu Jianghua accompanied the delegation bus to the Macau Ferry terminal. A large number of people rushed to the pier early farewell, some people said he had to leave to bid farewell to the athletes, think their itinerary is too short, hope to have more exchanges, close to "zhuixing". The elite National Olympic delegation visiting Hongkong, was warmly received by public opinion, the main activities of the TV broadcast demonstration and art show, major newspapers have reported the travel tracking and communication activities of elite athletes, rave community. A local editorial that, national elite athletes in Hong Kong, not only bring the gold medal and the sports skills, more care and encouragement and the people of central Hongkong compatriots, for young people understand our country and cultivate the positive energy to send a flood of force". (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: