The number of men in Dalian knife stabbing his wife’s sword rival, a Jiehen, return again to fill a fatal knife. 只为泄愤的话,真要下如此毒手吗? Jealousy kills the enemy of cohabitation with his wife. A knife is not terrible death back to the 52 year old Yu Zhanzhong is the Anda City farmers in Heilongjiang Province, he and his wife Liu estranged for some time, the number of years the couple has been in a state of separation, Ms. Liu has filed for divorce, in representing the agreed, but the two have dragged no formalities. During the separation period, Liu Moumou made a living in Dalian, and he met and had a good impression with Mr. Han, who lived in the Dalian Bay. He did not know that Liu and his husband didn’t relieve their marriage. Two people lived together well, and three or four years passed, and two people had a good life. Narrow-minded to know accounted for two cohabitation, although his wife and his wife know right in name only, but jealousy in his heart burned more prosperous, eventually evolved into extreme anger. At 7 p. m. on November 28, 2015, I came to Dalian by bus. He first made an appointment with his wife, pretending to have no intention to gossip and set out the residence of Han and XX from a certain Liu’s mouth. With the prepared knives, to open the account in the Han Moumou home, eager to see his rival revenge in respect to each other for life, he was a knife stabbed Han Moumou right chest, Han Moumou begins to resist and fight, the wife sees the husband had moved from behind the knife, cling to for that is intended to stop his injury behavior. In the occupied, he was wounded in the fight, and ran away from the Han family. In the middle of the stop, think of the knife that he poked, seems to have not been too hurt the enemy, the hatred in the chest did not disappear. South Korea had a knife in the chest, but the injury was not heavy. He was accompanied by Liu Moumou to the hospital for treatment. After returning home, he didn’t know that the fatal crisis was imminent. In return for the Han Moumou home, a knife toward the door without demur, Han Moumou left chest stabbed a knife, a knife stabbed in the heart, leading to cardiac rupture, acute hemorrhage of death. Yu Zhanzhong once again fled the scene, he in the woods near the railroad in the drop the knife, about 40 minutes, to want to know how to accounted for second into the Han family this knife in the end "effect", he was three in Han house, a look, no one at home, the police turned to leave late. He will be arrested on the spot. The excuse not intentional murderer after appearing in court led the police found the knife in the woods. Police investigation, in the occupied son told the police that the night he received the mother’s phone two times, the first time was to send the injured mother and Han XXX to the hospital for treatment. The second time I received the phone call from my mother, my son hurried to see that he was dead and alive on the ground. He was sent to the hospital with the policeman who arrived at the police station, and he died. During the trial, the accused had no objection to the facts of the crime, but he argued that he did not commit murder intentionally, but just wanted to hurt each other. Lawyers, the victim of the case raised some responsibility, the defendant as the first offenders, occasional, asked the court for its lighter punishment. The Court pointed out that the defendant was ready to commit a murder knife, and he returned to Han’s home again for the first time without causing any serious injury to him. This kind of behavior is sufficient to reflect the subjective intention of the killing of Han and XX. In addition, the evidence in this case did not prove that the victim knew that Liu XXX was married and cohabitation with her, and the victim was not responsible for the case. In view of the civil contradiction caused by this case, the defendant can confess the main facts of the crime, and the decision can not be executed immediately. In late August of this year, the intermediate people’s Court of Dalian decided to commit a crime of intentional homicide, which was sentenced to death for two years.

男子来大连数刀捅死妻子情人   持刀相向情敌,一次,不解恨,再度返回,补上致命一刀。只为泄愤的话,真要下如此毒手吗?嫉妒让于占中杀死了与妻子同居的情敌。   一刀未要命返回再要命   今年52岁的于占中是黑龙江省安达市农民,他与妻子刘某某感情不和已有时日,数年来夫妻俩一直处于分居状态,刘女士曾提出离婚,于占中也同意,但两人一直拖着没办理手续。分居期间,刘某某在大连谋生,与家住大连湾的韩某某相识并有好感,韩某某并不知道刘某某与丈夫没解除婚姻,两人由好感到同居,一晃三四年过去了,两人日子过得不错。心胸狭窄的于占中知道两人同居后,虽然知道妻子与他的夫妻名分名存实亡,但妒火在他的心中越烧越旺,最终演变成极度愤怒。   2015年11月28日晚7点,于占中乘车来到大连。他先将妻子约出来,装作无意闲谈,从刘某某口中套出韩某某的住处。怀揣备好的尖刀,于占中敲开了韩某某的家门,见到情敌,报复心切的于占中直言要对方的命,他一刀捅刺韩某某右胸部,韩某某动手反抗,打斗中,妻子见丈夫进门就动了刀,从后面死死抱住于占中,意在制止他的伤害行为。于占中见自己打斗中受了点伤,扭头跑离了韩家。于占中停下脚步,回想自己捅出的这一刀,似乎并没有太伤着情敌,胸中的恨意没消。   韩某某胸部中了一刀,但伤情不重,韩某某在刘某某的陪同下到医院进行治疗,事后返回家中,他不知道要命的危机迫在眉睫。于占中返回韩某某家中,进门二话不说,持刀朝着韩某某的左胸部猛刺一刀,这一刀刺中心脏,导致心脏破裂,急性大出血而亡。于占中再次逃离现场,他在附近铁路旁的小树林中把刀扔了,约过了40分钟,于占中想知道第二次入韩家这一刀到底“效果”如何,他三入韩家门,一看,家中无人,转身想走已晚,警察当场将他抓获。   凶手辩解并非故意杀人   凶手到案后领着警察在小树林中找到了行凶的尖刀。警察调查时,于占中儿子告诉警方,当晚他两次接到母亲的电话,第一次是送受伤的母亲和韩某某去医院治疗。第二次接到母亲电话,儿子急忙赶到,看到韩某某倒在地上生死不知,他和接警赶到的警察一起将韩某某送去医院抢救,韩某某死亡。   庭审中,被告人于占中对指控的犯罪事实没有异议,但他辩解说,自己并没有故意杀人,只是想伤害对方。律师提出,被害人对本案的引发有一定责任,被告人为初犯、偶犯,请求法庭对其从轻处罚。   法庭表明观点,被告人事先准备作案尖刀,并在第一次未给韩某某造成较重伤害的情况下,再次返回韩家将其杀害。这种行为足以反映于占中有杀害韩某某的主观故意。此外,本案证据没有证明被害人明知刘某某已婚而与她同居,被害人对本案发生并无责任。鉴于本案是民间矛盾引发,被告人能够如实供述主要犯罪事实,判决可不立即执行。   今年8月下旬,大连中级人民法院一审判决,犯故意杀人罪,对于占中判处死刑,缓期两年执行。相关的主题文章: