The North has 116 people: 15 people pass buce only 3 teams through CBA north end sports news in 2016 September 2nd survey of Tencent CBA North has today all over, 131 players to participate in the survey of 116 people successfully, the remaining 15 players need to buce, including the Liaoning players dropped out due to injury Li Xiaoxu. The North has remained at the Shenyang Sport University, for a period of 5 days, to participate in the test including Jilin, Liaoning, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shandong, Qingdao, Jiangsu, 81, Tongxi, Guangsha 10 teams, a total of 131 players. The national team, the Olympic men’s basketball players and players absent because of injuries and other reasons not to take part, will be the organization test. In August 30th, the northern players completed the measurement of height and weight and other basic data, and in August 31st and September 1st, the players completed a special speed endurance test (shuttle run), 2 minutes, shooting strength squat, bench press loading of this 4 test content, did not meet the players in the morning for a unified buce. After the last few days of the test, a total of 116 players successfully passed, made the new season CBA League qualification. The remaining 15 must pass the test to mount". 15 players did not pass the test of concrete is: Li Xiaoxu (Liaoning, halfway back injury), Hou Tianyi (Sichuan, Liaoning and the players Luo Zhi, Ren Junwei test), (Shanxi), Meng Lingyuan, Zong Zan (Qingdao), Xu Ziyang, Zhang Jiayi (Jiangsu), Li Jingyu, Li Lin, Pan Ning, Chai Changyi, Zhang Dongyang (Shandong) (Jilin), signkey, Ma Zhuang (Tong Xi). Bayi, Tianjin Guangsha, one of only 3 support staff through testing the North team. No player wants to get through the measurement of the new season CBA qualification, to once again participate in the meeting focused on the test, the specific time to notice after the southern end players test. The South has time for the September 5th -9 month 9 days. [information] CBA body measured accident! Liao basket injured rushed to hospital相关的主题文章: