The new Vito Deaoda listed tasting ended in November 6th, the new Vito Deaoda listed tasting portrait staged. In winter, the new Vito gives us a warm heart; aesthetic performance, give us the enjoyment of love. Passionate dance, full of strength and hope. A symbol of the new Vito give us new technology and comfort. From the inside out of the new ideas, surging power, burst of infinite energy. Under the eye, the new Vito was finally unveiled, let us work together to open the whole journey of "heart". The first owner of our new Vito said, is the Mercedes Benz repairer process 100 years touched him, trustworthy. In order to let guests know more about the new Vito, our sales manager as we interpret the meaning and charm, scene warm atmosphere, the guests to answer questions actively, Meng manager also prepared gifts for the active participation of guests. Zero distance contact new Vito, design aesthetics, the real experience of leading the trend of optimization of high power upgrade, intelligent technology leading, quality and luxury of leapfrog. The new appreciation during the subtle relationship between Feng Shui teacher for our guests to explain the existence of the car and Feng Shui, feng shui point car. There are senior clothing custom teachers on the scene to explain the knowledge of clothing with the site, friends and teachers friendly interaction, positive inquiry. The final part of the draw, you announced this tasting lucky star. Three the leaders of our guests personally for the extraction and award prizes, guests listen to leadership from lotteries, whether they are so lucky? The new Vito is Fujian Benz new works in the high-end business car field. From the Mercedes Benz family design language, the new Vito style atmosphere simple yet stylish, spacious and comfortable interior space, seating layout smart variety, fully meet the various needs of business travel, called Chinese business elite best investment choice, will boost its struggling journey "outstanding also calm".相关的主题文章: