The new order of international anti-corruption gradually establish   the 17 winners of this year’s "red" Justice – International – 100 red "Zhang Dawei (left) in the procuratorial and public security personnel escorted to return to surrender. (picture from the Justice Network) on 9 October, October 8th, with the general manager of Yunnan province first recovered in Skynet action in the "hundred red personnel" — Yunnan yundian Tongfang Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Dawei, returning from the United States to surrender, as of today, have recovered hundreds of red pass personnel "17 people in China this year," 100 red "has 1/3 (35 people). Anti-corruption international pursuit stolen goods, is an important part of the comprehensive strictly, promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle, won the party and the people. Fangtao work reflects the current target momentum to curb the spread of corruption has not changed, we must redouble our efforts, never let the corrupt follow up a victory with hot pursuit, in avoid sin heaven ". The reporters found that in addition to the repatriation, extradition and prosecution offsite, recovered "hundred red personnel" mainly quanfan and arrest. Hundreds of red staff Zhang Liping (China) to surrender. (picture from quanfan 13: highlight the policy influence is found with the back urged national judicial law enforcement agencies in the fugitive, through the play of legal deterrence and policy of charisma, prompted a flight to return to take active treatment measures. In addition to David Zhang mentioned above, "hundreds of red pass personnel" No. sixty-third, former chairman and former general manager of Shanghai beifulai Group Co. Ltd. Zhang Liping 17 years of flight career ended in March 27th, was successfully persuaded to return to the country, which has been brought to justice "hundreds of red" in the run time long a person. In addition, Jiang Qian, Guo Liaowu, Zhu Haiping, Tang Dongmei, Zhang Liping, Yun Jian, Chen Juan, Chu Shilin? Was recovered, Ba Lianxiao, Zhou Shiqin, Chang Zheng and other 12 people also had uh passed quanfan way. 17 people were persuaded to return the country, accounting for 35 to 100 red "half, showing the central pursuit ZhuiZang determination and policy appeal. Practice in pursuit ZhuiZang, quanfan program has been standardized, China and Canada, Australia has established a standardized quanfan program, and the program is also being persuaded to return to negotiations to establish in. "100 red" Fu Yaobo and Zhang Qing were under arrest arrest? 4: cooperation with domestic arrest in different ways, to carry out the arrest in a foreign country, usually need to coordinate in the Ministry of foreign affairs, Ministry of public security and the embassies of the match, and the fugitive found efforts of countries or regions of the Department of justice and law enforcement. In June 12th, the "hundred red" Wang Yanwei was under arrest. On the eve of the Spring Festival, Liaoning Province Office of the working group in pursuit of distant Caribbean, "100 red" Fu Yaobo No. 41 and No. 39 suspect suspect Zhang Qing? From Saint Vincent and the Grenadines arrested, this is also the "Skynet" operations carried out for the first time since the time to recover two 100 red". New year’s day, "hundreds of red" 10 suspects overseas "fantasy" Pei Jianqiang Xiaoyao broken, was arrested in Guinea)相关的主题文章: