SEO Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very important in a website. No matter how visually appealing it is, without optimization, it can be a waste of money and time. Every website owner wants traffic for their website but it takes a lot of work to be able to attain a high figure. Many techniques are done for this objective but the most effective method is search engine optimization. All webmasters aim for at least the first page or at least the top 10 rank of SERP because bulk of the traffic of a website .es from search engines. There are a lot of work involved in doing website optimization. Besides from the on-page optimization, link building is very important in SEO. It is the basis of high page rank. The more back links results to higher page rank. Search engine optimizers are very innovative in doing so. The traditional ways are directory submissions, article submissions, ads submissions, forum posting and the like. Nowadays, there are new tactics being used to get those wanted backlinks. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing is not about media manipulation or spamming. It is about knowing what the market wants. You can join social bookmarking and social networking sites and from there you can share your thoughts or information about anything. You can also add some friends or join groups that have the same interests as yours. Making so randomly without any relevance to your account is considered spamming so be very careful. There are members who are very straight forward and would tell you to stop doing such and some would even report you to the site administrator. How do we get back links from sites? When sharing information like writing a blog or answering queries of other members, you can put your source. You can place the URL there. Video Promotion Let’s face it, fifty percent of the forty hours a week of work of many employees are spent watching Youtube. They visit the site for different reasons. Some wants to watch funny clips, the television show they missed to watch, various how to’s and others. So why not go with the trend and post videos of your own. Make sure make to watermark the URL of your site on the video. .munity Participation At present, we are not just limited to partake in forums to be able to be active in the .munity. Now, there are different sites where a person can ask anything they want and many are of helping hand and willing to answer, and even research if they also have no idea about the topic, about it. You can build your credibility here which is very important for your website. These three are very helpful and are very effective to improve your traffic. In doing optimization, you need to be creative and go outside the box to be able to take the lead in the on-line market. Even though it takes time and .mitment to be successful to achieve your desired number of traffic, it is guaranteed to be worthwhile. The statistics will be in great upward projection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: