The National Tourism Administration issued a "national global tourism demonstration zone to create work – Guide" in September 10th, in Ningxia city centre held the second national conference of promoting global tourism, the National Tourism Administration issued a "guideline for the work of creating the national comprehensive tourism demonstration area" (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the "guide"). The "guide" from "what", "why" and "how to do", "what kind of" four aspects of China’s global tourism work requirements. In the "what", "guide", refers to the global tourism sector to grasp tourism to catch party planning tourism, from the tourist attractions to tourist destinations, from the closed type to open type small travel "Travel +" from the "militia" public security management to global governance according to law, from the enterprise’s exclusive to the whole society sharing. In the "why", "guide" is put forward, the global tourism is a comprehensive implementation of the five carrier of the development of the concept of global tourism, adapt to the requirements of the era of mass tourism, is an important starting point to promote the reform of the supply side, but also the regional development strategy and positioning. In the "how to do", "guide" is proposed, to improve the comprehensive construction of tourism management system, more comprehensive regulation of tourism public service, establishing tourism industry system, fusion construct open tourism marketing system, promote the tourism leading one, improve the mechanism of interest sharing. In the "what", "guide" is put forward, the global tourism should be a comprehensive management system in place, the toilet revolution effect significantly, public service facilities, urban and rural tourism environment, policies and measures to safeguard and comprehensive, civilized and orderly security outstanding contributions. (Li Zhigang Shen Zhongliang)相关的主题文章: