The national team bought these stocks also fitted now – part of the national securities Sohu in the team continued awkwardness is still lower than the lowest point during the rescue efforts, means that the national team shares may be still in the quilt stage; in addition, there are three consecutive quarters of some stocks won the national team holdings, 28 team stocks valuation is continued low and high dividend yield…… There has been more than a year since the stock market crash, "gold card company, Huijin Company, CSI financial information management plan" is composed of the national team (excluding social security, safe investment platform and the 5 national team is still active in the stock market fund). It is worth noting that more than and 300 stocks have continued to heavily loaded and national team holdings accounted for the decline than ever. Among them, 86 stocks the latest price lower than last year (from July 6, 2015 to July 10, 2015 to rescue period, the lowest price, the same below) in the T or other opening diluted cost, the possibility of a large part of the national team positions quilt. 4 stocks for the national team for 3 consecutive quarters of holdings; 28 team for the latest awkwardness of less than 30 times earnings and dividend rate of more than 1.5%. First to define the national team for the last three quarterly awkwardness: the national team, and then the new largest annual report in 2015 this year, a quarterly, semi annual report this year, the national team holdings total capital ratio has never been dropped. This means that the national team’s position is to start from the bailout, and since then the position has not declined. Data treasure statistics show that in line with the above conditions of the total stock of more than and 300. Among them, the national team continued to hold 4 stocks, the proportion of the total share capital holdings increased continuously, which means that the national team for about a quarter of the rate of continuous holdings of the stock for the 3 quarter. Specifically, the national team held TBEA nearly 4 quarter holdings total capital ratio was 14.33%, 14.63%, 15.54% and 15.55%; Zhejiang Longsheng holding nearly 4 quarter holdings total capital ratio was 4.52%, 9.43%, 9.73% and 9.90%; holding power nearly 4 quarter holdings total capital ratio were 5.23%, 7.07%, 7.32% and 7.44%; the Pearl River beer holds nearly 4 quarter holdings total capital ratio was 0.91%, 1.33%, 1.53% and 1.74%. Read the TBEA stocks each reporting period, the national team positions indeed showed a continuous increasing situation. It is worth mentioning that, TBEA, Zhejiang Longsheng, electric power and other stocks the latest closing price is still lower than last year to rescue period most of the price, means that the national team is still part of the position in quilt state. Among them, TBEA, the latest price of 8.9 yuan, compared with last year after rehabilitation to rescue during the lowest price of 12.31 yuan discount of more than 25.42%; Zhejiang Longsheng, Guodiandianli two stocks of the corresponding discount rate is respectively 18.96% and 7.49%. The same with the new price and the lowest price to rescue last year during the comparison, in the national team for the awkwardness, there are 86 stocks the latest price discount. Among them, the national team continues to hold delisting;相关的主题文章: