"The national memory" Hale niche Xu Jinyan and the old drama of bone Biao play the same stage – Sohu entertainment "national memory" "national memory" Hale niche Xu Jinyan Sohu entertainment news November 6th, for nearly three years of epic TV series "national memory" held a ceremony in Beijing, the play according to the playwright Zhang Xiaotian’s novel "the Anti Japanese War" adaptation, general director Zhang Yifei took over his father’s legacy, will be cordial to the out of the ordinary war epic drama. Play a little meat adage Xu joined the drama, played in the drama "ghost", the play by Sun Chun, Zhang Zijien, Xu Wen Guang, Ni Dahong and the old drama of bone star, will the wind play and with little meat. Can be said to be playing with the old value of the bone with the drama, hand in hand to reproduce the modern revolutionary hero epic. Xu Jinyan bluntly at the press conference he was very lucky, and thanked the director to give him the opportunity to join such a powerful team. As a student who has not gone out of school, in this play as "ghost ignore" such an important role, but also with many of their very respected predecessors and teachers work together. He said he would be in awe, and strive to create a good character in the play. When it comes to play the role, he said "ghost" is a very challenging role, not only to show a side of ordinary people see short-sighted, but also to show a clever and capricious. With the enemy skillfully demonstrated his resourcefulness and courage in the play and Joe Canyu emotional entanglements also fully portray the "ghost ignore" the heart of the struggle. Xu Jinyan said with a smile: love for this, I think he is selfish. The press conference, a standard Mandarin fluently though simply revealed some of his plays the role of character, but Xu Jinyan’s magnetic handsome baritone an inexperienced youth like an outlet, let you shine at the moment, so that little meat "is quite the foundation lines! Xu Jinyan, Xu adage, was born in Beijing in 1996, graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy Department of performance level 2014, he starred in the TV drama "love express" and the movie "five dimensions" drama, "Robert and Patishenya", "back" in Robert, "tit for tat", "city", "with the people? My early love" etc.. "National memory" is a TV series with the background of the war of resistance against japan. The vivid reproduction of the Anti Japanese War, the predator intertwined history of shaking heaven and earth. Show the Chinese nation fourteen years history of the war and the extremely hard and bitter tremendous national sacrifice. It is these great sacrifice and unyielding national spirit that ushered in the final victory of the war of resistance against japan! This is our common pride of the Chinese nation. Let us look forward to Xu Jinyan in the TV series "national memory" in the wonderful performance.相关的主题文章: