The museum is free ticket resale cash peak day traders profit of several hundred yuan note – Beijing wants to visit the History Museum of Shaanxi Province, only holding the card site or queue for tickets reservation network can. History museum since 2008 since the free visitors have been in a continuous line. Provincial Museum of history plans to give tickets every day there are 6000, but the number is still far from being able to meet the needs of tourists in the peak, so there are a number of ticket traffickers eyeing the opportunity to make money. Could receive free tickets, but some ticket from 20 yuan to 30 yuan a range of prices, some do not want to worry or queue reselling to go visit tourists, visit the peak day profit of several hundred yuan. On September 1st at 8:30 in the morning, the reporters came to the Shaanxi Museum of history, the history of the museum in the morning, the crowd streams of people busily coming and going. The line of people waiting in line is about forty or fifty meters long. This is just the beginning of the school, but also in the week, today is a small number of people, on the weekend, the team got hundreds of meters long!" A woman selling sweet potatoes next to the team looked at the crowd and said. When a reporter asked whether free tickets to enter, a station on the side of the reporter 20 years old girl smiled and said: "well, I just listen to what others say, I hold identity cards can receive free tickets, do not spend money." Reporters looked up can see the Museum of passengers. It reads a total of 6000 kinds of tickets issued every day, in the morning, the afternoon of each of the 3000. Museum on the west side of the door with two free invoices, visitors with my ID card line up tickets, one person one vote, the same day, can also be booked on the official website of the order number and my ID card to change the day tickets. "How to do without an ID card?" When a reporter asked a travel agency is handing out leaflets of the middle-aged man, the man pointed to a woman standing in front of the green belt said: "you have to ask her ticket." "I have a ticket for 30 yuan, how many do you want?" The middle-aged woman said. I have three or four students on the road did not come over, forget to bring the identity card." Reporter said. "I now have only 3 tickets, each $30, this is my morning queue, I went several times, do not want to enter, you can sell the tickets." Middle-aged woman said. When a reporter said that 3 tickets is not enough, the middle-aged woman said: "my friend, you want to be able to give you a lot cheaper, I also help you busy." "If you really want it, I can get the tickets." In the bargaining process, a middle-aged man carrying a briefcase ran, "you this ticket selling, I urgently need 3." He took out a hundred dollar bills. Middle aged woman received the money, took out 3 tickets to find a $10 change to middle-aged man. The middle-aged man and his two friends went straight to the gate of the museum. The museum is free and open, so that people can not spend money to feel the historical and cultural atmosphere, which is the embodiment of the museum to assume the responsibility of social services. However, the museum is a free ticket scalpers reselling it, although not much money, but it is on Shan相关的主题文章: