The Mid Autumn Festival, TSU tea: favorable compatriots win-win road in the new network in Beijing news agency on 13 September, (Lv Shaowei) of the Taiwan League Central, 13 days at Beijing hall in Taiwan jointly held in Beijing in 2016 Taiwan mid autumn tea". Vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the Central Committee Chairman Lin Wenyi attended. The tea party hosted by quanguotailian vice president Ji Bin, in his poem "spring tide with sea level, sea moon tide" to point out the theme of the tea party. CPPCC Standing Committee, the central executive vice president Huang Zhixian said in his speech, the compatriots on both sides is the fate and blood brothers, is one family blood is thicker than water. The island of Taiwan occurred in the ruling party, the peaceful development of cross-strait relations are facing challenges. The TSU, will continue to not forget the early heart, adhere to the "92 consensus", and actively carry out cross-strait economic and cultural exchange. He firmly believes that compatriots on both sides will be able to maintain a high degree of wisdom and political responsibility, to conform to the trend of the times, firmly take the right path to achieve mutual benefit compatriots on both sides of the road. The tea party, from the central, quanguotailian cadres and some of the Taiwan compatriots in Beijing aduet "spring breeze", the poem "toast song" opera and other exciting programs. Investment in Beijing for many years to participate in the activities of Taiwanese businessmen in Huangmei? A Peking Opera robes, listening attentively. In an interview with reporters, he said because the Taiwan ruling party, has now caused a "abnormal" cross-strait relations, but I believe that the leaders of the two sides have enough wisdom to cross-strait relations into the track, private exchanges also can provide a powerful boost. Former vice chairman of the CPPCC, former vice chairman of the Central Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Zhang Kehui, Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Chinese Committee Director Sun hill, Taiwan Affairs Office Deputy Director Long Mingbiao attended the event. In Beijing settled in Beijing, Taiwan investment in Taiwan business people in Beijing, Taiwan students studying more than 200 people together to meet the Mid Autumn Festival have a joyous gathering. (end)相关的主题文章: