"The Miao Shanhua" nominated for International Film Festival Xiao Zongling interpretation of Miao story – Entertainment Sohu Zongling Shaw stills Xiao Zongling latest stills Xiao Zongling Sohu entertainment news from the Gao Weining movie "the Miao Shanhua" shortlisted for the fortieth Montreal International Film Festival Chinese unit. This film is a Miao as the story background, describing a poignant picture of heroic survival, touching, harvest a lot of praise. In addition to making the move people, portrait interpretation of Zheng Xiaodong, Li Tong, Xiao Zongling, Chu Jian and the stars is a degree of relaxation, fine round, a lot of extra points for the film. Among them, Xiao Zongling’s interpretation is impressive, in character perfect to show the Miao children love me tender. "The Miao Shanhua" strong finalists Montreal International Film Festival August 25, 2016 local time, bring creative director Gao Weining debut film festival opening ceremony has aroused strong repercussions. This film tells a vivid and simple story, a Miao living scene truly unfolded, touching warmth touching details. Among them, the interpretation of Xiao Zongling is to make this film extra points. A very touching story of the Miao, and a true to life role, the interpretation of Xiao Zongling, people sigh again and again. The movie "the Miao Shanhua" for people presents a nation of the beautiful, heroic and cruel survival view. It was a period of 30s began in the last century of the past, hanging lantern, rolling drums, cave point…… A curtain faded memory torture picture, in the light of the role gradually become clear gradually, make people feel pain and The imprint is engraved on my heart. Xiao Zongling joined the film CO produced by reproducing the Miao immersed in love Guizhou Han rhyme television media Co., Ltd. and Beijing Gao Weining Culture Communication Studio, male and female respectively played by young actor Zheng Xiaodong, Li Tong, Xiao Zongling, Chu Jian also plays an important role in the film. Xiao Zongling character is just the right place, the figures will be perfectly integrated into the story, become the highlight of the rare film. The story is based on a ten year old Hmong uprising. It is a vivid accurate representation, belonging to the oppressors and rebel among offspring of the heroine little Luoshan, sister mountain of love and hate and soul collision, their heart is buried with a hatred of child. The film’s narrative shows the character of everything in good order and well arranged for each character, became a masterpiece portrait of the most beautiful miao.相关的主题文章: