The man with a booklet of the household registration system chawuciren original title ID booklet for his son: still in the hands of 18 year old baby how information is frozen yesterday, Liu Xi’an people into the China Daily News Hotline 029-88880000 said: "to apply for identity cards can not timely son at the age of 16, sent out even the son of the account write off." The local police station replied that, due to the long-term separation of people, unable to contact me, household registration information will be frozen. The 18 year old son of the household registration information can not see the suspect account is canceled, Mr. Liu’s son is 18 years old this year, because of the college entrance examination need ID card, he handled the domicile of Baqiao Public Security Bureau police station Wang Xi with his son. In November 2nd, I took the booklet, the son to do ID card, police said after the household registration system can not see my son’s information, do not." Liu said, I am in the booklet on the information in the baby, but the police can not see. Difficult to account for the baby to write off?" Liu said, after communicating with the police, the other said to apply for identity cards, the need to re prove the community. It is understood that Mr. Liu’s home is located in the community of auto parts. Because his son enrolled in a Changan, the family lived in Changan District 3 years ago. Liu said, I have to follow the requirements of the police station to find a community to prove that the son has been living with us." Police said it was not canceled but can be done after the freeze thaw ID card in the end what is the reason for this? Yesterday, the China Daily reporter interviewed the Public Security Bureau of Baqiao branch Wang police station. The official told the China Daily reporter, Mr. Liu’s household registration information is not canceled, but was frozen. This is due to the long-term separation of families, the relevant staff of the police and the community to find people in the household registration information and check inventory, in order to prevent fraudulent use of identity information or others have multiple accounts and other issues, this kind of personnel information the police station will be reported to the municipal public Security Bureau, and the household registration information is frozen. It is understood that the police station for a long time to apply for the two generation ID card, and can not be linked to my household registration information will be frozen. In addition, for a person with multiple accounts, was found in the process of checking and verification of the police, will freeze the household registration information. "At present, I have thawed Liu son’s household registration information submitted to the Baqiao Bureau and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Liu’s household registration information can be thawed, so you can apply for identity cards, will not affect the college entrance examination." The responsible person said. As long as the baby does not affect the college entrance examination on the line." Yesterday, to understand the real situation, Mr. Liu heart. Population information no photos of household registration information will be frozen yesterday, the China Daily reporter from the Municipal Public Security Bureau huzhengke learned that Chinese citizens who have reached the age of 16, at the age of 16 years shall, within three months from the date, location of permanent residence to the public security organs apply for resident identity card. Household registration information is frozen, more common is not in time for the two generation ID card. In addition, after the investigation of the account, can not verify the authenticity of the account, no address empty account personnel and can not find, moved into account 7相关的主题文章: