The London Olympics 8 is disqualified with Maneza Zhao Changling as the 3 champion – Zhao Changling   sports Sohu; Beijing time on October 27th, the International Olympic Committee officially announced that the eight 2012 London Olympic athletes tested positive for review was disqualified, including three London Olympic champion, who is the London Olympic Games women 53 kg category champion Zur Faye A (Zhao Changling), women 63 kg champion Maneza (Yao Li), and women 75 kg champion podobedova. Six of the eight men came from weightlifting, and the two from athletics. In June 15th this year, the International Weightlifting Federation announced that the 10 London Olympics athletes retest samples were positive. All 10 people from the former Soviet Union, 7 medals, 4 gold medalist from Kazakhstan, four of which in addition to Asia, and Maneza’s father podobedova, as well as in the London Olympic Games won the gold medal in the men’s 94 kg class star elaine. These players are contraband medicine component for stanozolol. The three Olympic champions, podobedova is the original Russian athlete, before she went to Kazakhstan is participated in the world championships in the world champion. Zur Faye A from Hunan, China, Maneza from Liaoning, china. 2012 London Olympic Games women’s 53 kg class silver medal winner, is the Chinese Taipei player Xu Shujing, Xu Shujing in August this year, also won the Olympic gold medal. Xu Shujing will therefore gain for the 2012 London Olympics gold medal of the project. According to the Taipei 2012 Olympic Games gold medal 1200 reward policy, NT $700 reward, silver million Taiwan dollars, or Xu Shujing will also receive 500 reissue bonus million new Taiwan dollars (1 million 70 thousand yuan). Russian men’s pole vault athlete Dmitri starodubtsev, won the fourth Olympic Games in London, he was found to have samples of prohibited ingredients chlorodehydromethyltestosterone and was disqualified. Belarus men’s weightlifting athlete Zar Na Seck, he won ninth in the London Olympic Games men’s Volleyball in the top 105, also because the drug was canceled scores. Russian men’s hammer athlete Ekong Nikov won the fifth Olympic Games in London, he was found to have taken to hydrogen clometerone. Another two were disqualified athletes, London Olympic Games women’s weightlifting 69 kg class and fourth bronze medalist J Bechmmann Kurkovva, Sa Xan Na Vecchi, two people from Belarus, because both were found to take methoxy stanozolol and testosterone was disqualified. (Red)相关的主题文章: